One of the most popular Japanese blog — Giganize reports an amazing iPhone mod that will transform your your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S into iPhone 5.

transform iPhone 4 to iPhone 5

Your device can be transformed simply by replacing the glass back-panel with an aluminum back panel presenting a vintage rainbow Apple logo that returns you back to your old Mac years.

Maybe realizing that Apple will quickly finish this unofficial mod, the K.O store is simply selling the mod for over 70 more hours. If you’ve wanted an “iPhone 5”, then this can be your ticket!

Transform iPhone 4 to Iphone 5
iPhone 4/4S Mod

Till now we’ve seen a great number of images claiming to be the iPhone 5’s rear panel in recent weeks that feature aluminum body. Today, there’s an iPhone mod that enables you, to simply replace the back-panel of your iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S by having an aluminum one that features a rainbow Apple logo.

Transform iPhone 4S into Iphone 5
Transformed device

Vintage iPhone 5 Aluminum Back-Panel for iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S

To demonstrate exactly how easy it really is, Creator — K.O Store has published the video tutorial, that shows an attractive girl installing the back panel in less than1 minute:

This amazing backplate is available to order now for $23.90, but just for a restricted time. Yup, the retailer knows it won’t have the option to sell this thing for long. Why? The item is included with an Apple logo that could soon be targeted by Apple for trademark violations.

So, per a countdown timer over the internet, the backplate goes into hiding in just over 70 hours from now unless Apple actually reaches it first. If you want one, you better act fast.

Something else: Buyers have the possibility of opting for a $3.99 light mod to create the rainbow Apple logo glow. What do you think about this Amazing iPhone 5 Mod?