I love freebies! And when it’s a company like Adobe offering? I am sure I have you all hooked. Adobe has launched a new mobile app called Scan for both iOS and Android. Well as the name implies, you can use this app to scan your documents. That’s pretty neat right? We all have piles of documents lying around and can definitely make use of such an app. But guys wait. There is more. The app not only makes a digital copy of your document, it turns them into editable text. You simply point your camera at the document through the app. But instead of a regular picture format, your document is going to be in PDF form.

download adobe scan

Now there are a number of other apps for this purpose. For example, Office Lens and Google Drive with its built-in scanning feature for Android users. But for regular Android users there is an added feature. You will be able to upload your scans to Adobe Document Cloud. In this way you will be able to access your documents on any device.

You will be using Adobe Acrobat to edit your files and unfortunately that is not free. You will have to pay $15 each month to get Acrobat Pro DC in order to edit your digital copy. From there, edit as much as your heart desires. For those of you who just want a scanner app, that is still free. Download Adobe Scan for Android or iOS devices.

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For your benefit, we did some testing. We discovered that the app still has some glitches. The app is not always able to differentiate between a document and regular pic. Moreover, it partially deletes printed text boxes and tables. But guys worry not. If the scan is not working properly, rotate and make a few changes and it will save as a PDF.

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