Apple’s latest WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) is a 5-day event. On the first day June 7, 2021, Apple has just announced the newest version of iOS the iOS 15 for iPhone and iPad. A few of the key features of the latest iPhone iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 included an upgrade in Notifications management, more customized Memoji, and a Focus option to help users in maintaining the center; all these features will be deployed in the fall.

ios 15 wallpapers

But, there is something that you don’t need to wait for the fall to come is the latest iOS 15 official wallpapers for both the devices iPhone and iPad. As in the past, Apple with its latest iOS launch always releases a beautiful and unique wallpaper, and has done the same this year.

The newest iOS 15 official wallpaper is an abstract piece that looks amazing for both iPhone and the iPad, even the dark mode version.

Shoutout to the talented @iSpazio for sharing with us the download link for the four iOS 15 official wallpapers. It is a tech-focused blog, Italian, that keeps the tab on the latest development on Apple from products, news, launches, exclusively for iPhone. So if there is an announcement regarding the iPhone this is the place to check it out. They’ve been known to get us the Apple-related goodies before as well. Do give their blog a checkout to help the community.

Check Out iOS 15 Official Wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

The four iOS 15 official wallpapers that will be released with the iOS 15 for iPhone iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 can be downloaded now. These wallpapers are taken directly from the beta version of the iOS that went live today. You can check them out yourself, as it is HD quality because of its resolution and we have no doubt that they’re authentic.

Before downloading the iOS 15 official wallpaper you can preview them below. We have listed both the dark mode and the light versions of the wallpaper for both iPhone and iPad. However, if you have a smaller screen size than the 13″ you can use the iPad version by adjusting your settings.

iOS 15 official wallpaper for iPhone

Click on the photo to open in full resolution:

iOS 15 official wallpaper for iPad

Click on the photo to open in full resolution:

You can download these wallpapers and use them for your Android device. These wallpapers are compatible with every version of iPhone and iPad you don’t need to have to install the iOS 15 to use them.

Like these wallpapers or even love them? Then, why don’t you just bookmark UnlockBoot for news on the latest iPhone iOS official wallpaper updates. And don’t forget to check out the latest wallpaper for your Mac in the newest macOS Monterey, which you can even use for your PC (we won’t tell).

Let us know in the comment below which iOS official wallpaper is your favorite? And do tell us if you are keeping up with Apple’s WWDC event. If not then stay updated on the event by following our website.

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