All iOS device users face one obstacle at one point – which they have to pay for a paid app on the app store. It’s not necessarily a piracy because there aren’t any online payment gateways for many countries where iPhone has reached but the payment system hasn’t. What if you live in one of those regions and need a paid app badly? Read on to get the answer.

Download Vshare iOS 7.1.2

How to Download Paid iOS Apps for Free using vShare

We are about to discuss another free app that allows you to download paid apps on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch free of cost. These apps are cracked, and won’t cost you a dime.

Install Vshare iOS 8

The good news is you can now skip using the Cydia installer if you find it boring. This vShare installer is almost like Cydia! There are similar apps, tweaks, games etc. from the Cydia store; the same IPA files as well. You can have the leverage to use paid apps for free but you need a jailbroken device. It’s an app provides the Cydia features in a far smarter and better way.

Install vShare on iOS 7.1.2 / 8.1.2 / 8.2 / 8.0

To install vShare on a device running iOS 8.1.2 / 8.2 or below, that device should first be jailbroken – follow our iOS 8 jailbreak guide. The AppSync module is required to carry on with the installation, so Cydia is required as well. The installation can’t take place if it can’t find AppSync installed on the iOS system.

Another major requirement for the installation is an active internet connection as you might already have assumed. The app installation is easy if you choose the vShare repo on Cydia. The other way is to download vShare for iOS 8 from their website using the direct download link. Either way, you can’t proceed without an internet connection.

download vshare app

The Cydia method is pretty straightforward. You need to grab the AppSync over one of many sources. Downloading from the official source would be more beneficial though.

Download vShare iOS 7.1.2 / 8.2 / iOS 8.1.2

  1. Click the Sources button on Cydia. This would take you to sources. Tap Edit, then ‘Add’.
  2. Add the official vShare source:
  3. When the repo is added on Cydia, the download should start within few moments.
  4. First you need to search for ‘AppSync’, click on AppSync to install it.
  5. Then search for AppVV or vShare in Cydia. When it’s located, install the app using Cydia.
  6. Install every listing on the result. Restart your device when done.

There’s another similar app named Installous but vShare is far better as it offers a higher range of compatibility. Downloading of apps is faster on vShare than it is on Installous. We won’t discourage any enthusiast user to try out Installous as well before they get into installing vShare.

Installous is basically an appropriate solution for the older version of OS like iOS 6; while vShare is made for iOS 8.


We had good experience using vShare on our devices. However, if you run an old device that can’t run anything above iOS 6, you might consider Installous as a worthy alternative.

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