Are you thinking of editing the base station for your AirPort Express? Whether you wish to edit the base station, navigate the settings or update the firmware, one of the first things the device will ask you is the password. In case you have forgotten the default password to access the AirPort Express & Extreme, or you had reset the password in the past and you have forgotten what you had set, this article will help you to find password for AirPort Express and Extreme.

find airport password

How To Find AirPort Password From Computer or iPhone

First things first. If you have forgotten the default password for AirPort Express and Airport extreme then please note that it is “public”. In fact factory default passwords for all the AirPort Base Stations are “public”.

What If The Airport Default Password Does Not Work?

If the default password is not working then you need to use keychain to find it. If you can’t find the password in the keychain you had to set an Airport device password when you initially configured the device. So, what to do if you can’t remember the password that you had set? In that case, you would need to try the WiFi password or use one of the reset methods.

find airport password in keychain

Before going ahead it is important to understand the reset process. This method helps to restore the AirPort base station to a state that will enable the users to get more control of it. This process comes handy when the device is not responding to your commands or you have lost your password. You may either just press the reset button on the device or complete the reset process from the Utility application in the following ways:

1. Soft Reset For AirPort or AirPort Express

airport default password

In case of a soft reset, the device password will be restored and the security will be disabled for a few minutes to enable you to join the network and make the required changes. This kind of reset is done when you have forgotten the password, as in such a condition you will be unable to connect or configure the device. If no changes are made within 5 minutes or a soft reset, the device will go back to its previous state.

2. Hard Reset for AirPort and AirPort Express

reset airport express

This command helps to reset the base station and send it back to the unconfigured state, however the last configurations are saved so that you may restore the profiles or past settings whenever required. When the device is in its unconfigured state, you may again set a new password. This type of reset helps in resolving and troubleshooting the problems, if you have an unresponsive device.

3. Factory Reset AirPort or AirPort Express

This solution is similar to the hard reset method, however in this case any form of saved profiles or configurations are removed and the device is set with factory default configurations. This type of reset is a good option when you want to completely change the previous settings of the device or remove all the personal profiles.

This reset will restore the device to the condition as it was when you purchased it. All the data saved on the hard drives will be deleted. You may choose to manually remove any hard drive with AirPort Utility.