RecBoot works great when users are in Recovery Mode while downgrading or updating OS or performing a jailbreak. The iPhone shows the photo of a USB connector and the logo for iTunes. Or when the device is connected to the PC, iTunes detects the Recovery mode on the device and says so that it is in that mode via pop-up messages. RecBoot works to exit this mode when hard booting doesn’t work.

recboot not working

The Ultimate Guide to Overcome RecBoot Not Working Issue

If RecBoot doesn’t function like it should? How to fix it? Below are described the ways to resolve this issue on your Windows or Mac Computer or use a RecBoot alternative tool to enter or exit your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch out of the recovery mode.

Why RecBoot Isn’t Working and Ways to Resolve this Issue

Probably because the PC is missing some important files (iTunesMobileDevice.dll and QTMLClient.dll for instance). This is quite usual in the early RecBoot variants.

  • The Windows OS is corrupt.
  • The PC has registry errors.
  • There is redundant software on the PC.
  • The RAM performance has declined.

Solutions for RecBoot Doesn’t Function Properly on Windows PC or Mac

If problems are being experienced with the software, not to worry. There are two ways to fix the RecBoot not working or No Device Connected issue when you open the tool.

  • When the files iTunesMobileDevice.dll and QTMLClient.dll are missing, you can download them online. After that, they should be relocated o where RecBoot.exe is saved. This should solve the problem.
  • When iTunesMobileDevice.dll and QTMLClient.dll are insight the correct folder, the problem could be due to other errors, which is resulting in Net Framework RecBoot Error. You need to download Net Framework RecBoot Error and install on PC to fix the issue. A diagnostic analysis can be done and a quick solution can be experienced.
  • make sure you have a working iTunes version installed on your PC or Mac. If the iTunes software is corrupted or your installation is damaged, we recommend you to reinstall or update iTunes on your Computer.

Utilize ReiBoot Software as an RecBoot Alternative for Windows and Mac

Free ReiBoot is proficient in problem-solving of most iOS stuck issue kinds including the screen of death, apple logo on white, and recovery mode. Also, it works well in iTunes bugs and repairing of stuck iOS mode without losing data. These are the steps that need to be followed.

recboot alternative

  1. Download and install ReiBoot tool from this page.
  2. Launch ReiBoot and connect the iPhone to PC, automatic detection of the device will take place.
  3. After detection, select “Exit Recovery Mode” to solve your stuck iPhone. (If the device is stuck still, it could be a hardware issue, and the operating system needs to be repaired).
  4. Select “Fix All iOS Stuck” from the main interface. Follow by choosing “Fix Now.”
  5. Select “Repair Now” and the firmware package window download option will show, select a save path and download it.
  6. “Start Repair” should be clicked to repair the stuck iPhone – this repairs OS.
  7. When the next step there’s functioning problem with RecBoot, use the efficient alternative to get the device out of Recovery mode and for system repair.

By taking these measures, you would be able to optimize RecBoot for optimum functioning.