Admit it, the award for mobile device modification and customization at a user level goes to the Android ecosystem. The highest outlook change on an iOS platform is getting a new bumper for the device, or changing the background image and that is all. If you use an iPhone, chances are you had been bored of the phone’s outlook for quite many times, and ended up doing nothing but changing the wallpaper and getting a new bumper. Learn how to install themes on iPhone without jailbreak today.

Install Themes on iPhone Without Jailbreak

Available Ways to Install Themes on iPhone Without Jailbreak

Well, you don’t have to keep doing the same thing over and over again. On jailbroken iPhones, there are actually apps and options using which an iPhone user can enhance the outlook on their iPhones by changing the icon packs, background and overall appearance to a certain extent. However, plenty of people use the latest iPhones with non-jailbreakable iOS versions. With the new apps in the app store, even these versions of iOS could now have an app installed to get a theme pack.

How do these theme packs work?

Apparently, the iOS look modification apps available in the App Store for non-jailbroken devices don’t really change the actual theme, instead it just creates a different icon for each of the installed apps on an iOS system. The old app icon is replaced with the new icon, and is linked to the app so that user can simply launch the app from the home screen by tapping the icon like everyone typically does. There’s no reason to worry about this pseudo-theme installation as well, because the procedure is entirely reversible and the iPhone could be taken back to its original state just by tapping few buttons – it’s no issue at all.

And as stated earlier, no jailbreaking is involved in any of the procedures in this article.

Procedure to Install Themes on iPhone Without Jailbreak

Looking for apps in the App Store for this specific purpose might be an easy idea, but we would instead try a different way.

  1. Open Safari browser on your iPhone. There are plenty of webservers that host such themes for iPhones, these are available off the App Store. There aren’t much restriction on the iOS system or the web servers either, it’s pretty much open for everyone to use. We are about to use because it’s a completely free platform, the other ones incur premium signing up fees.
iskin themes for iPhone
Install Themes on iPhone Without Jailbreak
  1. Scroll through the webpage that’s been loaded onto your Safari screen. You will find various themes in the webpage, choose any theme you want to download.
Midnight theme for iPhone
Install Theme on iPhone Without Jailbreak
  1. As you scroll down even further, you should notice how every theme is divided into three different parts – home screens, application icons and lock screens. These options are self-explanatory, they define what part of the theme system on iOS the respective downloaded files should go into. User could tap on the example options to have a quick peek on the pictures.
Download iPhone Themes without jailbreak
Install iPhone Themes Without Jailbreak
  1. Once you are inside a specific titles, say Application Icons, the next webpage will bring a list of the installed apps on your iPhone and you could individually select the apps that should change their icons. The other two sections could be used this way as well.
  2. iOS will present an installation page once you have chosen every specific detail of the new theme you are crafting.
  3. Tap Install on the Theme Profile the iOS Settings screen has just presented to you. Once installed, your iPhone’s look should change into the new theme.
  4. You could uninstall this profile anytime you want to get rid of the theme.

Conclusion: This method gets the work done at minimal hassle, however having a jailbroken device would be able to entirely change the theme of an iOS device with higher level of perfection.

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