How do you recover deleted text messages on iPhone without backup? This post talks about all the steps you can take to get back your deleted SMS messages. The steps rely on getting back the messages from the phone provider, iCloud, third-party app or iTunes backup.

recover deleted text messages on iphone

#1: Rely on Phone Provider To Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone

The phone provider is the first resort. Although not every provider, but some keep a record of your texts, and you are eligible to access them. You can contact their customer service, or login to their online service account (if they have one). There’s no harm in trying this option, even if you feel they’ll give a negative answer.

#2: Use iTunes Backup To Recover Deleted Messages on iPhone

recover deleted messages on iphone

Recover deleted text messages on iPhone using iTunes

This works if text messages are backed up automatically. Just give it a try to see if it solves your issue.

  1. Connect the iPhone to the PC which you use for syncing. iTunes will launch (launch it manually if it doesn’t).
  2. The iPhone will appear in the top right corner in a box. Choose it.
  3. Select “Restore backup”.
  4. All the data that was backed up previously will replace the existing data on the phone. It takes a few minutes. If you didn’t back up last time before deleting the texts, you would be able to recover deleted text messages on iPhone.

#3: Use iCloud Backup To Recover Deleted Messages on iPhone

Restore deleted messages from iCloud

Recover deleted Messages on iPhone from iCloud

While iCloud doesn’t back up messages in all areas for certain operators (like UK O2 carrier), you can try this method to see if you can recover deleted text messages on iPhone.

  • Open using your Apple ID credentials.
  • Click “Text Messages”. This option will appear if your messages were backed up.
  • If you see the option, search for the messages you want to bring back.
  • Go to iPhone and select Settings, iCloud.
  • Switch off “Text Messages”.
  • Select “Keep on My iPhone” when a pop-up message appears.
  • Switch on text messages.
  • Tap “Merge”, and that’s all you need to do to recover deleted text messages on iPhone.

#4: Use an app to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone Without Backup

Recover Deleted iPhone Messages

Recover Deleted iPhone Messages using Software

We recommend the following apps: WonderShare Dr.Fone for iOS, Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery and PhoneRescure by iMobie. Even after deletion, messages stay on the device until overwritten, so these apps may be able to recover them (no guarantee, of course). But act quickly, because continued usage of iPhone writes over the required memory part quickly.

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Let us know in the comments section if you were able to recover deleted text messages on iPhone.