Regardless of the 1,821 battery life in the new iPhone 8, you can run out of juice eventually and since carrying a charger with you everywhere is not a feasible option, we recommend you go for one of the battery cases that allow you to charge your device without obstructing the usage.

battery cases for iphone 8

Most of these cases provide 100% power, are easy to carry, and sport compact designs in multiple color options. In short, with these battery cases in the bottom of your bag, you won’t have to worry about your phone’s battery life or looking uncool.

Choose the Best Battery Case for iPhone 8

Check out some of the top battery cases we have selected for you:

1. Anker PowerCore Charger Case

battery case for iphone 8

Anker makes some of the best add-ons for iPhone and in the case of, well battery cases; they are not at all behind. In fact, their silicon battery cases are top notch and allow you to easily slide the cover on and off your iPhone.

Price: $33.99 from Amazon

2. Apple iPhone Smart Battery Case for iPhone 8

iphone 8 battery case

If you have the Apple iPhone Smart Battery Case for the model 7, then you are in luck! The former also fits great on the new iPhone 8. For those who have yet to purchase one, then they must know that the case looks similar to the regular silicon casing with a battery hump on the back.

The company claims that the casing will actually increase your talk time up to 26 hours. And while in the case of other cases where you have to remove the cover to charge the device on a docking station – this one allows you to charge without removing the case.

Price: $80.41 from Amazon

3. Trianium Atomic Pro Battery Case

iphone 8 battery cases

The slim and compact design as well as the ability to provide efficient charging solution makes Trianium casing one of the best for iPhone 8. The solid rechargeable battery provides more than 100% added battery life while you can get up to 14 hours of talk time or 10 hours of web browsing.

This one also allows you to charge your smartphone without having to remove the cover whilst the hard-shell backplate ensures that your phone is safe from all vulnerabilities at all times. The Trianium Automatic Pro can be purchased in four colors – black, black signature, white/gray, and White/Turquoise.

Price: $35.99 from Amazon

4. Maxboost Battery Case for iPhone 8

charging case for iphone 8

The battery case by Maxboost can power up the iPhone in no time while the 3200 mAh battery offers more than 110% additional backup charge. The casing is also durable and protects your phone from accidental bumps and falls. As for design, it is certainly stylish. A micro-USB cable is also included within the battery case which allows users to charge both the iPhone and battery case simultaneously.

Price: $26.99 from Amazon

5. Vproof Battery Charging Case for iPhone 8

iphone 8 charging case

Last, but not the least is the Vproof battery case with a whopping battery of 5,000 mAh that provides 200% additional power to your iPhone. And despite the delicate design, the battery case is strong enough to protect your smartphone from any accidents. The easy-to-remove and easy-to-install battery case also works with magnetic car mount. You can also sync your device with your computer without removing the case.

Price: $26.99 from Amazon

Which one would you choose?

These were just some of the most efficient battery cases for iPhone 8. Hopefully, from these handfuls, we are sure you would find the one that best suits your requirements. Do let us know which one you choose in the comments below!