If you ask an iPhone user the reasons for buying this brand, one of the answers will definitely include its great quality camera. The 8 MP iSight camera with f/2.2 aperture and pixel focus is something you’ll only find in DSLR cameras. Read on to know how to fix iPhone camera not focusing issues easily.

iphone camera not focussing

The new sensor and pixel focus of your iPhone record videos of 1080p resolution in 60fps. But unfortunately, there have been reports by the users that their iPhone fails to focus or autofocus in a close-up shot.

Why Is Your iPhone Camera Not Focusing?

This issue was mostly reported in the iPhone models 6 Plus, 5 or 4s. The primary reason behind this issue is the new iOS update and loose lens position.

How Can You Fix This Issue?

Here’s how you can fix an iPhone camera that is not focusing.

Fix 1: Tap your iPhone

Using the palm of your hand, touch the iPhone’s top (rear camera lens end). This fix solved the issue for many iPhone users.

Fix 2: Push and grip the iPhone camera button

Keep holding the iPhone camera button until the camera focuses. Let go of the button when an image appears clear.

Fix 3: Take off the iPhone case

Sometimes, your iPhone case keeps the camera from focusing and makes images blurry. Taking it off while you’re using camera to shoot pictures and videos will solve this issue.

iphone camera wont focus

Still Unable to Fix the iPhone Camera Not Focusing Issue?

Long-press the Sleep and Home buttons at the same time until the Apple logo shows up. Once your iPhone has restarted, check your camera if the focus issue is now resolved.

This issue has also been reported due to the new iOS update such as iOS 8, iOS 9, etc. Resetting your iPhone to factory settings might fix the problem.

  1. Before resetting, remember to backup your iPhone using iCloud or iTunes.
  2. Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings.

iphone camera won't focus

In case this problem existed due to the update of iOS, you can downgrade you iOS to the previous version. You can either do it yourself or take your iPhone to any nearby Apple care.

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