Looking for iPhone X jailbreak tweaks? You’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ve shared the best iPhone X jailbreak tweaks on Cydia that work with iOS 11.2 firmware up until iOS 11.3.1 firmware. Also, check out iDeviceHelp’s (Miguel’s) video to see the leading iPhone X jailbreak tweaks in action.

iphone x jailbreak tweaks

Best iPhone X Cydia Tweaks Compatible with iOS 11.3.1

Before you start installing the best Cydia Tweaks for iPhone X and other devices, we recommend you to check out our list of the best Cydia repo sources to use in 2018.

1. DoubleTapLock: You tap on the iPhone X’s Lock screen to wake it up. The doubleTapLock tweaks performs the exact opposite function. Double tapping on the Home screen locks the iPhone X. Repository: http://beta.sparkservers.co.uk/

2. DateUnderTimeX: Courtesy of the iPhone X notch, we don’t have much space in the iPhone X status bar. However, this tweak inserts the date beneath the time in the same space. Download from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for free.

3. BatteryPercentX: To analyze iPhone X’s battery percentage, swipe down from the screen’s top right corner – the right ear beside the notch for accessing the Control Center. Apple doesn’t offer a way to active battery percentage in Settings. This tweak replaces the battery indicator in the Status bar with battery percentage. Repo source: https://member.sparkservers.co.uk/

4. EasySwitcherX: On your handset, the general way is to tap and hold the app card and swipe up to force close applications, which isn’t convenient. With this tweak, apps can be force killed just by swiping up on the app card. Source: https://repo.xarold.com/

5. ForceInPicture: This tweak brings the Picture-in-Picture mode *that allows you to multitask while watching a video* on iPad on jailbroken iPhone X handsets. Repo source: http://apt.thebigboss.org/repofiles/cydia/

6. SpotCC: SpotCC allows you to swipe down on the iPhone X’s Home screen to access the Control Center, instead of reaching out to swipe down from the top right corner. Cydia source: http://imkpatil.github.io/repo/

7. RealCC: in iOS 11, when toggles for Bluetooth and WiFi are switched off in Control Center, both get disconnected from accessories, but they continue to be available for things like AirPlay and AirDrop. This causes confusion. RealCC solves the complication by disabling Bluetooth and WiFi for everything. Repo source: The BigBoss Repo.

8. VideoHUD: The tweak brings the video player volume HUD of iOS 11 system-wide. Download from BigBoss repo source.

We love these iPhone X jailbreak tweaks. The best part is that they’re supported by iOS 11.3.1 Electra jailbreak, so iPhone X owners can address the minor annoyances with their handsets.

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