Motorola, which will soon become part of the Google corporation, in cooperation with the U.S. operator AT&T conducted a video comparison of the voice assistant Siri from Apple, with its direct competitor – Personal Assistant Voice Actions.

In this comparison, the tester used Motorola ATRIX 2 and Motorola PHOTON 4G smartphones.

Siri VS Google Voice Actions

In the first stage, Siri opposed Google Voice Actions in the rate of conversion of speech into a text message and then sending an e-mail.

PHOTON 4G with Voice Actions vs iPhone 4S with Siri

The second stage was to check the speed and responsiveness of the navigation service, and then determine which of the same services faster with notes. The final part of the test was to check the speed of surfing the Internet, where both services had to open the site

ATRIX 2 with Voice Actions vs iPhone 4S with Siri

The performance of smartphones are approximately the same, so the factor of the hardware is eliminated, and the more rapid was Voice Actions. For example, receiving a command to go to the site, iPhone 4S didn’t open the page directly, the iPhone 4S start the search by specifying the address as a search query.