The product you’re going to see is going to leave you mesmerized. An advertising guru from India, Sayalee Kaluskar, has come up with an idea of charging a phone using solar power through sunglasses.

Ray Ban Charger for iPhone 5

The idea takes into account arms of the classic Ray Ban Wayfarer, and photovoltaic cells are fitted in the battery inside with the plastic. Read on for more details about the Ray-Ban charger!

The cells are going to charge the battery while the glasses are worn in the sun, and the glasses can be taken off to reveal a lightning connector or a USB for a charge.

solar iPhone charger

Solar charger for iPhone from Ray Ban

The idea is simply brilliant and makes the sunglasses more useful in the sun (where they should be used anyways). Wearable tech is going strong as evident by the launch of Google Glass, but this innovative concept looks much more appealing. Perhaps Google should take note of this creation.

Ray-Ban Solar Charger Video

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