Previously we posted that Apple is actually working on an invisible wireless charging system for its iOS gadgets. This month, we have also seen proof of their wireless charging patent.

iPhone 4s wireless charger

If you can’t loose time waiting for Apple to put into action their future charger, invariably you could try it for yourself. Tanveer Islam made it happen by using a Powermat and a little hardware hack.

How to Charge iPhone 4S via Wireless

For those who have a lot of patience, a lot of soldering knowledge, sufficient expertise in the iPhone’s hardware to modify, reassemble and disassemble, therefore you will not worry about your iPhone, then the following guide will be a fun task for you. The complete method is quickly reviewed in a video produced by Tanveer Islam.

Tanveer says the wi-fi charging works perfectly, in support of provides about 1 mm towards the iPhone’s total thickness.

“There are wireless charging options out there such as the powermat system but they all involve slipping on a jacket around the iPhone. I wanted to internalize the technology so that the beauty of the iPhone not hidden away!”

The latest rumors point out that Apple will use a newly designed charging connector in their next-gen iPhone, but we don’t be prepared to view a wireless charging technique from their store in the coming few months.

iPhone hack wireless charging
iPhone 4S Wireless Charger

However, Islam’s work inspires 3rd-party suppliers to generate an easier wireless charging solution, such as a rear panel modification. What is your opinion of wireless charging system?

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