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iPhone Unlock faq

We have received a lot of e-mail through our contact form which has queries on the factory unlock service that we recommend. Today, we are going to answer these queries for you.

Which iPhones are eligible for an unlock?

The company can unlock any iPhone, from the first-generation iPhone to the sixth-generation iPhone. The unlock supports all basebands, firmwares and bootloaders including the latest devices and basebands. The unlock is done through the official IMEI database of Apple, and it’s not a software unlock.

What baseband and firmwares can be unlocked?

This is not a legit question, as this is not a software unlock. The unlock is similar to the one provided by the carriers. The only logical question is what carriers can be unlocked.

Is it legal to unlock the handset?

In terms of the legality of their service, the full Oftel 2002 SIM-lock position paper states that there’s no SIM unlocking law, and the regulators only want ‘consumer awareness’. Therefore, it’s safe to unlock the iPhone.

Is the network SIM card required?

No, the unlock can be achieved through any SIM card, once it has been processed.

Does the iPhone need to be in the country of the original carrier?

It doesn’t matter where you’re located. Once you’ve received instructions in an email, you can unlock it anywhere in the world, regardless of the carrier, through iTunes.

Does the iPhone need to be sent to the service for unlocking?

No. The unlock is achieved while staying at home. It’s a remote unlocking service, and once the IMEI is marked as unlock in the database, only connecting to iTunes is required for the unlock.

Unlock iphone faq
Factory unlock iPhone via IMEI code

Why the processing time is 24 hours to 3 days?

Other sites which claim to unlock your iPhone in 5 minutes are scam, and anyone selling such an unlock is selling a software one, or a jailbreak in shape of a unlock, or selling you a virus. As mentioned before, these software unlocks aren’t going to unlock your iPhone permanently. This permanent unlock is done through iTunes, and even if they offer money back guarantee, it’s unlikely they will refund.

Does the iPhone need to be activated?

It isn’t necessary. The unlock is going to work in any situation. This means the iPhone can be a new one out of a box (never activated), a freshly restored one, or an iPhone that has been already activated through iTunes or iCloud.

Can a barred (locked or stolen) iPhone be unlocked?

The iPhones that have been barred or reported as stolen or lost dependent on the network can be unlocked. The additional charge to unlock a barred handset is £40.00. The handset can be checked if it’s barred prior to the unlock service by going to

Note: If the handset is reported as lost, blocked or stolen, then it’s going to only work outside the country where it was barred (as the networks have the blacklist and refuse the service).

How to order a factory unlock for my iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5?

Our partner, OfficialiPhoneUnlock, has been able to unlock over 80,000 handsets in the past few months. The company provides the cheapest and the most reliable factory unlock services. They also offer an after sales service, which is a legit one, after the unlock has been purchased. After the unlock is received, your handset is going to work on any carrier in the world.

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