If you want to share your Wi-Fi with other people without giving them the password then we have some good news for you. A new feature was recently introduced in iOS 11 that gave access of your Wi-Fi to the people you want. However, that is not the only way in fact now there is the QR code that will help you share WiFi without exchanging network names or passwords.
share wifi using qr code

Allow Your Guests to Connect to Your WiFi Using a QR Code

You can easily generate a QR code by using your browser based website. The QR code will then allow all your friends and family to connect to your Wi-Fi after scanning the code.

If you’ve got guests visiting your home and you don’t want to show them the network name or the password then simply leave your QR code in your bedroom drawer or somewhere in the house. This way they can automatically connect with your Wi-Fi without any hassle.

How To Generate A Wi-Fi QR Code Online

It’s pretty easy and simple, here is what you need to do;

  1. Visit https://qifi.org/
  2. Type the name of your network and your password too
  3. Click on the button “Generate”

qr wifi generator

After you are done with this process, the web will automatically generate your QR code. You can then print or even take a screenshot of it.

Now, if you’ve got guests over who have an iPhone, iPad or any other device running iOS 11 then they would simply have to point out their phone’s camera to the QR code and they will be logged in.

wifi qr code iphone

However, for those who have android devices with them, they would have to download a Barcode Scanner and then follow the instructions to log in.

connect to wifi with qr code

Is it safe to share the QR code with my guests?

Let’s face the fact that it will be safer to share your QR code with your guest instead of giving him your Wi-Fi password and the network’s name.