Travelling to any new place is most unusual and memorable. Every traveler should accompany some basic and essential things with him. To be prepared and well organized can increase the happiness of your journeys. To support you on your journey, Simply Declare Travel app is the best travel app available for you. It comes with a lot of desired features which are enough to make any journey successful and memorable. Before going to any new country, you should know about its currency. It will help you to convert the currency in that country currency on your app and you can make your budget and spend at highly focused things.

Simply Declare App for iPhone

Simply Declare App for iOS Review:

Simply Declare Travel app is a great tourist app which can help you from the first day to the last day of your foreign visit. It can track your purchases for custom declaration purposes. It can also track and keep a complete record of all goods which you buy throughout your tour to any other country.

These are amazing two benefits of using Simply Declare app, and because of this app, you don’t need to consult and pay to any financial consultant in any new country. So, this app should be your favorite and should be the first choice as it reduces the stress while you are at the cross-border experience.

Its highly standardize UI is its identity which can fulfill all of your needs in a professional way. If you have this app on your iPhone or iPad then you have no need of anything else for an excellent traveling and shopping experience.

Benefits of Using Simply Declare iPhone and iPad App

Using this app will allow you to get everything on Wi-Fi according to your demand rather than roaming and waiting on your iPhone or iPad for a long time. Have a look at the various features of the best travel app.

Simply Declare App review

1. Easy to Understand Interface

Simply Declare app has the fantastic user interface which can be easily understood by anyone. It means if you have never used this app before, no need to take any tension. Anyone without any experience can easily take all advantages of this app from any country of this world.

2. Supports More Than 34 Currencies

This amazing tourist app provides support for more than 34 countries and using its easily understandable feature you can convert any country’s currency to anyone else. 34 countries features are available in free version. If you purchase the pro version of this app then you can access to 160 countries. The price of its paid version is only $1.99 which comes with all features.

3. iCloud Backup Option

It provides you iCloud backup too. It is an advantageous feature which shows that your valuable data will never lose in case of any harm. You can easily see and retrieve your data anytime and anywhere.

4. Shoot Images of your Invoices

This app makes you capable of shooting images of invoices of different things. It can create and show list based on your focused items and can help you to purchase each item surely.

Simply Declare Travel app is available for both paid $1.99 and free version. This app is available in different languages which show its global recognition and demand. Some primarily supported languages are English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese.