3d cube for iPhone 4

We all know that our iPhone must be jailbroken to add any effects or jailbreak tweaks. In order to be fair, the woking platform hasn’t already modified since it had been launched.

Seems that Apple finally searching to change things up. We have previously seen a number of jailbreak tweaks. Today you can try this amazing 3D UI on your jailbroken or non-jailbroken device.

Benjamin Jackson states that he has observed Apple is having fun with the idea of making 3D User interface components in the future editions of iOS:

One Apple employee (who I can’t name as the company does not allow employees to speak on the record without approval from media relations) said that in the future, your phone will show drop shadows based on the actual position of the light in the room, as detected by the phone’s ambient sensor — and everything in the UI will be rendered in 3D on the fly.”

Needless to say, this really is all speculation at this time. There may be actually zero proof that Apple will launch the 3D UI in next iDevice generations. However, we can enjoy with this 3D wallpaper that looks flawless. Take a look below and scroll down for download.
3D springboard

3D Springboard

Download the Wallpaper image [ Save As > Use as Wallpaper]

3D wallpaper

3D Wallpaper 640×960

After you download the image, you need to set it up as wallpaper from settings -> background.

Have you tried this amazing 3D wallpaper? Share your thoughts below!

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