Several people who own the Samsung Galaxy S10 know that overheating problems are caused by app-related bugs, like viruses, malware, crashes, etc. You can check the App Issue History on these devices by going to Settings > Device Care and then tapping on it. Now tap the “dots” at the right upper corner of the display and select “App Issue history” from the menu.

galaxy s10 overheating

6 Ways to Fix Galaxy S10 Overheating Issue

Below are 6 tested ways to resolve the overheating issue on your Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, S10E or S10 5G:

1. Take Off Your Device’s Cover, Battery Case, Etc.

If your Samsung Galaxy S10 is too hot to hold, it’s probably the phone case that’s causing your device to overheat. Removing it should release the heat trapped on the inside of your phone.

2. Eliminate Running Applications

After you’ve used an app on your device, it keeps running in the background and receiving updates. This affects the RAM and may result in overheating issues. Close these apps by holding the recent apps key on your phone’s lower-left corner and tapping “CLOSE ALL.”

3. Update to The Latest Android Firmware Version

A few bugs can also result in an overheated Galaxy S10. See if any software updates are available as they come with new features. Download and install any available updates. Check for software availability through the Settings menu of your Galaxy S10. Keep scrolling until the “Software Update” options shows up and tap it. Now tap “Download” and “Install.”

4. Switch Off Unnecessary Services & Features

Certain features like WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth can also cause overheating problems on Samsung Galaxy S10. Like with apps functioning in the background, all of these features also keep receiving updates. Hence, it’s best to switch them off when you’re not using it. Give your phone a reboot to give it a brand new start. This technique should free up RAM and close all apps.

Hence, perform a soft reset as it’s a potential resolution for the overheating issue. To do so, press and hold “Power” to turn the phone off. Wait till the device’s temperature becomes normal, and then switch it on.

5. Boot in “Safe” Mode

Another option is to boot the device in Safe mode. If the issue disappears, it could be that you need to install one of the recently downloaded suspicious apps.

  • Hold down “Power” until you see the Power Off message.
  • Tap and hold “Power Off” until the Safe Mode shows up.
  • Select the Safe Mode and wait for the process to end.
  • Safe Mode should appear at the bottom left corner
  • See the device for a while

6. Perform a Factory Data Reset

If nothing else works, create a backup and perform a factory reset by following these steps:

  • Go to Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory data reset
  • Keep scrolling until you discover “Reset” and choose that option
  • Enter password if promoted
  • Choose “Delete All”


That’s it. You’ve learned how to solve overheating issues from Galaxy S10. One of these solutions should fix the problem for you. Now you’d be able to use the device without burning your palm. Enjoy!