Today, the smartphones are part of our digital lives. Without these gadgets life of any modern person is simply unthinkable.

iphone 4s frequent problems

However, like the most high-tech devices, phones are subject to various kinds of faults — it’s well known: the most sensitive parts and electronic components, the greater the probability that any one of our lovely gadgets fall.

The popular publication — FixYa performed a study on the subject of the most common complaints users currently popular mobile devices. They are interviewed more than 25 million website visitors.

Popular iPhone 4S Problems

TOp iPhone 4S Probems
Top iPhone 4S Problems

Results of the study can not be called surprising. Apple has officially confirmed the problem with the battery in the iPhone 4S running iOS 5.0. Later this glitch has been fixed in the update that was sent to all users of the operating system.

Problems with Wi-Fi also had the place to be, it is subject to the third generation and the iPad. As Siri, then many users have questions about the work of personal assistants, some because of this, even suing Apple.

Popular Samsung Galaxy S III Problems

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Top Galaxy S III Problems

Popular Nokia Lumia 900 Problems

Reported nokia lumia 900 problems
Top Nokia Lumia 900 Problems

What is your problem with your device?