If you use your iPhone 4 or 4s as the everyday camera, then your attention is provided by the invention of Photojojo – a reputable manufacturer iOS-accessories.

Rangefinder for iPhone

Your iPhone can get the shutter button, viewfinder, and even interchangeable lenses, thanks to the new cases Rangefinder. The special charm of the last version adds to the retro style.

“The lens”, which can be seen in the center of the body, is there just for beauty, it is not involved in the shooting. But the lens is located in the lower left corner, is very real, here can be mounted on a magnet of the proposed lens, “Fisheye”, for wide-angle and macro photography.

This box will allow you to use your mobile device by Apple as a full-fledged camera. In addition, iPhone can be mounted on a tripod or transferred to a special belt.

Rangefinder for iPhone

The base set of Rangefinder is available for $ 65.  Also, there is a version with three extra lenses, but for $ 99. You can buy them directly from Photo Jojo.

What do you think about this iPhone Case? Are you impressed?

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