While we are waiting to appear new iPhone 5 in the meantime we have many design concepts that leave us breathless.

Magic Mouse iPhone Concept

Italian studio Ciccarese introduced new iPhone 5 concept. It’s the iPhone 5 looks fresh and interesting, as the phone has inherited traits computer mouse Apple Magic Mouse.

The front side is a traditional 3.5 inches touch screen, but the back cover is similar in shape to the body “magic” arm Apple, this is why the iPhone does not look like any iPhone 4/4S.

Magic Mouse iPhone 5 Concept

The device looks very unusual, although this form factor is quite justified in terms of ergonomics. This iPhone will definitely be a lie comfortably in your hand, thanks to a small thickness and shape of the rear surface.

Of course, this is only a concept which is unlikely to go into mass production, especially under the brand Apple. But in this device are used interesting design solutions, which can borrow from other manufacturers of smartphones.

Magic Mouse iPhone 5 Concept

Don’t forget to see these beautiful iPhone 5 concepts. Certainly, we will have to wait for Apple to release a new iPhone 5, to see how it looks.

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