If you are interested in knowing about the current situation about the iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 and 4.12.01 unlock, then you have come to the right post.

Unlock 4.11.08 and 4.12.01 baseband news

Here, you’ll be able to read about all informations about unlocking the iPhone 4 present, and the future of the unlocking scene!

Short-lived SAM Unlock Tool

The first ever iPhone unlocking solution was SAM. It was developed by Loktar Sun, and SAM could unlock every iPhone and the firmware or the baseband of the device didn’t matter to the unlocking solution. Many could get the iPhone 4 unlocked on the baseband 4.11.08 and 4.12.01 — However, many couldn’t. Then Applenberry’s Gevey SIM Ultra S and the R-SIM 4 copied the free SAM unlock and sold it at a high price. Then Apple blocked the loophole through which SAM unlocked the iPhones and Applenberry said that it had copied SAM, and it was found out that R-SIM 4 was also a copy, and everyone was left surprised!

Unlock iOS 5.1.1 Baseband 4.12.01

People who were able to get the iPhone 4 5.1.1 unlock should have kept their unlock activation tickets. There SAM unlock activation ticket allow you to keep your iPhone 4 unlocked. Creating a custom firmware can allow users to go to the iOS 5.1.1 and keep their device unlock and the baseband won’t be upgraded. However, the iOS 5.1.1 can only be jailbroken tethered — that’s why it’s risky!

Unlock baseband 4.12.01 iOS 5.1.1
Unlock iPhone 4 Baseband 4.12.01

Unlock iPhone 4 with Rebel Pro Micro SIM Card

It claimed to unlock the iPhone 4 on the basebands 4.11.08 and 4.12.01. However, it was discovered that it was a fake, and it could also have been a copy of the SAM unlock tool.

AT&T Free Unlock — Check your Unlock Eligibility

Your contract time with AT&T needs to be over. Secondly, for those who have purchased from someone else and the customer has paid a beginning termination feeds, in that case your eligible. The most crucial is that you must be active AT&T customer. If you have iPhone purchased from eBay, Amazon or etc., You are in a hopeless situation.

Future Unlock Solutions for iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08

You should know that currently there’s no unlocking solution for the iPhone 4 on 5.1.1 or firmware, which is iOS 5.x.x. People might be working on it — however, the progress seems to be slow.

Update: Factory Unlock iPhone 4 on any firmware and baseband!

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  • Hk Aslam

    plzzzz developers do it soon,am fed of using ma iphone as a ipod 🙁

  • Iphonepls

    im hoping for 4.12. to unlockk plss, what is factoryActivated?

  • Peter

    Need Unlock for 4.12.01 German T-Mobile Iphone 4 32Gb.
    Does anyone know about Shallow Blue and German Unlocks ?

    I think that they are only able to unlock AT&T Iphones .. Right?

    Sam was the best unlocktool ever … need a new one .. for me is the same .. My iphone is an ipod now 🙁

  • dacatz

    hopely new unlock method will be find…..

  • adishari

    afaik at&t has changed its policy and only at&t customers can unlock iphones and there is a limit of 5 unlocks per customer.

  • Hugo19840

    acham que isso ta para breve?

  • TheiPhonesy

    I did the SAM unlock 😀 waiting for 5.1.1 JB now

  • Weeyd95

    i didnt had a chance to restore or save the SAM unlock ticket 🙁

  • Sexmaskin_24

    guys I had my iphone 4 32g locked in with the bb 08.04.11.
    and after trying to unlock which worked with sam.
    I determined to restore my iphone and was running very slow with a bad installation of siriport.
    to make a restoration iphone sim released for stay I had inside that was not the original.
    the original sim I have none, because the iPhone comes to UK.
    my iphone was restored and was totally clean
    and uninstall cydia and all its applications, but the strange thing is that my iphone only works with the sim that did the restoration …
    if you install a new sim of the same company does not work and send me the activation mode of the iphone …
    maybe if someone did the same but I have my iphone working 100% and with the bb 4.12.01
    also hope the jailbreak for this b.b.

  • No *ucks Given

    okay well everyone i quit on the 4.11.08 unlock im going to staraight talk 45 dollars for unlimited everything

  • Corry White_7329

    I was able to get my iPhone unlocked with a guy I found on here.
    He charged me 60 euros but it was well worth it because I now have
    My iPhone unlocked for ever!!!! I think it only works with AT&T phones because he told me
    He used his account. Anyways he’s email is json.brwn816-at-gmail.com

    Good luck guys!!

  • Gdsdthsh

    somebody ….Please help!!!!!

  • Thjdsfjuijh

    this world has more then 1000 billion people but no one can unlock this shit?????

  • Lakala6

    Ur 4n is unlocked for sure!!because I got the same email!and my I4 is unlocked!bt if u don’t sure just
    RESET it!then u can activate It throug I tunes!
    If iTunes says can’t activate it,simply u can restore ur Sam backup!
    Good luck!!

  • micael

    Are you sure he isn’t going to deceive me??

  • Filipla

    se ai salvato i biglietti di attivazione puoi tornare a sam sicuramente ok

  • Ramiro Muro

    do you need an att sim card. i restred but it says thatthe sim card i have is not compatible!! what steps did you follow to get it unlocked? please help!

  • Suresh Karthik

    Hi… I also was in the same situation. I simply got an email saying my problem is solved. I called them and they told me the same thing that they told you. I went ahead with the backup & restore. I did not get any “Your iPhone is unlocked” message. However, my phone was unlocked and I’m free now. Go ahead and try. It should work.

  • rafael_rodriguez77

    4.11.08 unlock… ANYONE??

  • ‘หนึ่งคนที่ข้างเธอยามเหงา มันม

    Who in USA and use AT&T?

    Please help me for unlock my Iphone.


  • Me_fabulous_4u

    Iphonepls- open redsn0w then go to jailbreak mark deactivate and unmarked all then press next after doing all hope ur problem will solve.

  • ‘หนึ่งคนที่ข้างเธอยามเหงา มันม

    You can unlock 4.11.08?

  • Zhong554193528

    I need help on my iPhone 4 baseband 04.11.08 to unlock. I missed the day of SAM unlock. So what can I do is any help on my iPhone??..please help me anyone??.

  • Filipla

    io ho un iphone che era bb 4.11.08,,avevo installato sam,,ma non ho fatto in tempo a sbloccarlo perche’ qualche ora prima apple aveva chiuso la falla..mi e restato sam scaricato sul mio iphone,,due giorni fa’ un mio amico mi a convinto a collegarlo a itunes ed e successo un casino mi si e bloccato il tel,,ora mi chiede di attivarlo come non fosse stato mai attivato o cercato di attivarlo con itunes ma arrivato a terzo passo mi chiede una sim compatibile at&t essendo americano!!..e non solo colegandolo ad itools mi ritrovo con bb 4.12.01 e aggiornamento 5.1.1–bel’affare!!! che bel guadagno!!!…ora dico ma tutta questa gente che promette sblocchi sblocchi,,visto l’esperienza di sam che era un ottimo sblocco e anche free!. e chi sappiamo bene ci a speculato sopra! vi dico inventatevi qualcosa tirate uno sblocco fuori dal cilindro una volta e per sempre..Almeno cercate di riparare a cio’ che avete combinato…Se qualcuno a suggerimenti d’aiuto per il mio sblocco io sono qui’ grazie a chi puo’ darmi una mano!!..

  • Kazuki Shinozuke

    Hi guys, my iphone4 is from canada, does SAM UNLOCK TOOLS also work at different carrier? (e.g. ROGERS)

  • Sohel_meghbalok

    What should i do with my iphone4 which was stuck on IOS5 & baseband 4.11.08 AT & T ? which unlock solution is the best for my phone from R Sim & Gevey sim ?Still Gevey was not released any unlock solution for iphone4 with base band 4.11.08 ? How long I have to stay for the unlock solution ?Previously it was unlocked with gevey sim.Please reply

  • Dr Samadi

    i think the best way to unlock your phone is to contact rogers, i got mine unlocked by paying 50 bucks

  • Nut089

    I dont know why most people whose iphone is unlocked are indian ?!?

  • Nut089

    Youare so stupid to pay such a money face poeple. Actually unlock by calling AT&T is free but why people who come and ask money to unlock iphone for other are such a money face. Maybe there parents didnt earn any money for years oops!

  • 1234

    พี่ครับ check mail ด้วยครับ

  • Vukenny93

    I’m from Vietnam, tried to unlock someone can help me.
    Any AT & T customer

    IMEI: 01 243000 537768 9
    Email: vukenny93-at-gmail.com

  • Phyathai68

    I chat with At&t for unlock 3 iphone4 yesterday.
    2 can unlock another can unlock next month(june 20).
    Today i got mail from At&t then I reboot my iphone and sync to itunes.
    Hold for 10 second itunes window show “Congratulations.your iphone has been unlocked”
    And tomorrow i will test unlock to insert T-mobile sim in it and will let u know.

  • fpiccoli

    Good Morning Phyathai68.
    How did you get in touch with AT&T for the chat?
    The site AT&T ask login and password to chat. Can you help me please?

  • Gyunwu

    Good day Phyathai68… Can you please unlock for me? i don’t have an AT&T account, my iphone is locked to AT&T…. My email is gyunwu-at-yahoo.com

  • Roberto Yebra

    Are you an AT&T customer? Can you help me unlock one?

  • Mina Ashraf_92

    if u have an at&t account please help me
    my email is : mina.ashraf_92-at-hotmail.com

  • Munozmora

    Ineed help my iphone 4 bb04.11.08 at&t What do I make? munozmora-at-bol.com.br

  • sherkmap

    hello phyathai68.you help me unlock my iphone 4?? i dont have at&t account.you may contact email: sherkmap-at-gmail.com.thanks you

  • sherkmap

    please help me unlock my iphone 4.you can contact with me email:sherkmap-at-gmail.com
    thanks you very much.

  • Kazuki Shinozuke

    This procedure does not work anymore. I hope you guys can help us unlock 4.11.08 sooner. Thanks in advance.

  • Kazuki Shinozuke

    This procedure does not work anymore. I hope you guys can help us unlock 4.11.08 sooner. Thanks in advance.

  • techki_note

    Anyone who can offer their services to unlock my At&t locked iPhone email – aastronomo-at-gmail.com many thanks

  • phyathai68

    Today I insert T-mobile sim for testing.
    The phone searching for 5 minutes and work.

  • phyathai68

    My phone is Ver.5.1.1 BB04.12.01.
    Sorry I cant unlock for anyone.
    At&t has limit for unlock.

  • sherkmap

    my phone is 5.1.1 bb 04.12.01.too.you try again what could happent..phyathai68.

  • Mohamed Ahmed

    what about this website? is it true that they factory unlock all iphone?
    IMEI-Server.com: codes to unlocking mobile phones by SimLock

  • Mad, Sad & truly DISAPPOINTED

    I am soooo disappointed that an unlock isn’t yet available for 5.1 4.12.1 IM STUCK WITH A BEAUTIFUL THING THAT IS WORTHLESS RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dkouk

    about this way your Iphone was unlocked at at&t not with other Operator ?

  • Gerry Clarke

    I was locked to 4.11.08 and not an AT&T customer. But I did buy the device in the apple store in new york. Made case to AT&T and was able to provide proof of purchase. After going back and forth for over a month I received my unlock email. Hope this helps someone!!!!

  • ntn

    Could someone send me a email to Orange France

  • Nephat

    My imei is 012746000598825 model MC603B how do I know which network is locked to because it’s showing no carrier?!

  • Kazuki Shinozuke

    Hi guys… Any good news or updates how to unlock 4.11.08 BB 5.0.1. Were counting on you. Hope to here you soon. Thanks.

  • david113

    There are wonderful phones available in the market. and Android is just great. These phones are more user friendly. Why pay for this shit called iphone and screw up your time trying to make it work. Stop buying iPhones get this f**kin company out of business.


  • Yassir

    Seriously? that’s how good you are?? more than a whole year and no one has come to discover a way of unlocking the 4.11.08 ?? Hav you tried flashing the baseband to an earlier one ? have you tried downgrading it ? HAve you tried editing SAM tickets ?have you tried anything at all ???
    Please, thousands of people are waiting on you, if you want donations we’ll donate, if you want any kind of help we’re more than ready to help.
    Thanks anyway, I hope we’ll hear good news from you soon enough

  • Jomer20

    No, there aren’t more than 1000 billion people in the world.

  • Ahtesh

    I can unlock any iphone contact me With trust ahtesh4i-at-gmail.com

  • visarz

    Hey man, how can i unlock my iPhone version 5.0 firmware 4.11.08??
    I’m not an AT&T customer, i bought my iPhone in Kosovo, i dont know if you know where it is?

  • Proper

    I used SAM on a 5.1/ 4.12.01 and get “wildcard activated” using by bundle SAM’s method. But, it is still not working 🙁 Anyone tried this??

  • Fidu Didu

    no it is not eligible for unlock unless you pay the contract price .. however, you can create custom firmware and upgrade it and have it jailbreaked through latest redsnow which gives untethered jailbreak now .. if you don’t get that simply create a custom IPSW, upgrade it and install racky racoon 5.1.1 which will untether your jailbreak .. cheers 🙂

  • AppleKing

    Any iphone 3gs/4/4s will be factory unlocked..Mail me at iphone.service11-at-gmail.com

  • jack

    hi phyathai68 plshelp me to unlock ,my iphone4..email me.jacksalangsang-at-yahoo.com….waiting to your response..tnx

  • yan

    many thnks to unlockboot for all the updates…

  • edwin castro

    anybody plz help me to unlocked my iphone 4 firmware 4.11.08 its jailbreak already but not unlocke from 3 carrier my email add is doc626aga-at-yahoo.com tnxs you very much for people who have nice heart..

  • apurv shah

    This is spam , please ignore

  • Michael Brzezinski

    if it’s locked for at&t write them an e-mail! it works.

  • samka

    email johnbla80-at-hotmail.com

  • Masoud

    idk about you guys but I have 10 iPhone 4 in my house that I will be selling in the future and I called AT&T using my aunts at&t account and even though they said that you are not eligible for the unlock. They still accepted the unlock so if you got a friend who has a at&t account use it and you can get your iPhone unlocked.

  • mohsin

    how can u do it i m in pakistan can you help me

  • moonyoung lee

    now 04.12.01, ios5.1.1 (9b208) jailbreaked, iphone4 can be unlocked???

  • Kien


  • Jordan

    anyone have an at&t account 🙁 stuck on 04.12.01 catch me on saladnz-at-hotmail.com would gladly pay

  • joe doe

    i hate apple for this …
    never buy another apple stuff again …

  • zenith

    Shut your F****** mouth B****. Go and put your android cell on your A**, MF.

  • Николай Кулиш

    Can anyone help to unlock iphone 4 04.12.01? Anyone who lives in America can do it for a fee?American can do unlock 5 times a year.

  • Guest

    No one in earth can unlock 5.1.1 4.12.01 .. this is really a shit..

  • John

    If anyone has solution to unlock iphone baseband 04.12.01. please help me to email bunricher-at-gmail.com. I have done nothing with my locked iphone 4 :(////

  • walker

    guys we should just boycat apple cause theres a rumor that the dev-team team are being paid by apple for not releasin the new ultrasnow that can unlock bb 04.12.01!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Khaled Bouhnik Koki

    when we gonna find free unlock for this bb 4.12.01

  • Dani Simon

    I just got my iphone unlocked! bb 4.12. it was bought from bestbuy, and im from Romania 🙂 they asked for the invoice, and luckley the store still had it 🙂 I used my iF*ckin-phone for a iPod for 7 months, before i get my unlock with SAM….. and now im freeeeeee. i will test the new ios 6 🙂 stupid happyness overhelming me now!!! Dont give up u guys!

  • Lady

    I went online last nite and did a live chat with a AT&T representative. I simply asked to have my iPhone unlocked. He asked for my imei number and in 5 min my iPhone was unlocked.

  • rick

    when there will be a serious unlock for 4.11.08

  • Lady

    If ur iPhone original carrier is AT&T, then I suggest u go online to their site, select the live chat option and when the rep joins tell him/her u wish to unlock ur iPhone. They will ask for the IMEI NUMBER and then they will tell u to connect it to iTunes to restore and u will see a message on iTunes stating unlock successful. WARNING: BEFORE U CONNECT IT TO ITUNES, IF UR JAILBROKEN THEN U NEED TO PRESEVE UR BASEBAND THRU REDSN0w latest download so that during the restore, ur iPhone wont lose the jailbreak. I DID THIS LAST NIGHT AND I AM NOW WITH A NEW CARRIER.

  • Lady

    Email me at ssloftin6-at-gmail.com and I will try to get AT&T to unlock it since I am a customer. They unlocked mines for free last night, so I will try to do the Same for u FREE OF CHARGE

  • Android lover

    So, you think you so cool that you can afford apple? So why don’t you afford to yourself to buy pay’as;you’go without any troubles of unlocking it and buy all the apps for money than? I used to have Iphone 4 but now I have Galaxy Note. I should say, apple sux in use. I have free apps now which are costly at Itunes.

  • Yoman

    Now that they r coming up with ios6 n we still waitin for unlock on ios5…..

  • Melissa

    Can you help me too??? Mail me remember1114-at-hotmail.com

  • Malthe

    4.12.01 unlock anyone?

  • William Vilchez

    I am from Nicaragua I have iphone 4 version 5.0.1 baseband 04.11.08 and could not unlock it any help please

  • littlespirit

    android is the best! just idiots keep thinking good about either ios or apple. they are also good but too expensive and its not worth it. let get an android and you all will love it surely. android will take down ios in next several years absolutely. either ios or apple just sucks!!!

  • Heartless

    Come on someone think of something ! how hard it can be .

  • saywhatt

    we’re here because we have an IPHONE and an ANDROID

  • loldude

    Well…whoever made that rumor is surley a android-fanboy. Just to bring people to get an android. Don’t believe anything on the internet unless it’s approved.

  • Beneye

    Guys just get Staight talk service and you don’t have to unlock your iPhone 4/4s. I’m happy with my locked iPhone 4 and a fantastic straight talk shhhh don’t tell every one.

  • mugenrock

    try the offical unlock that’s all the solution

  • Corneliu

    Dani, help a brother. Sunt din Moldova si am si eu un iphone 4 blocat pe at&t, cu 04.11.08. si nu am pe nimeni cu un cont la at&t cine m-ar putea ajuta. Merci anticipat.

  • Anubhav Jaiswal

    Contact me if you need your iphone on baseband 04.11.08 unlocked.


  • yagnesh

    hie but how to unlock 4.11.08 without at&t sim its only gevey sim but in gevey sim u need orignal sim that would be at&t and im in india and i don t have at&t sim so please helppppp
    how to unlock it nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • ramo elmouhouti

    any news for this bbs ??

  • Djo

    Yop everybody, when we gonna use a real solution to unlock this F***** bb 4.12.01

    Thx for your answers

    French iphone fan

  • Steffan

    have a German iPhone with bb 04:12:01 you can also unlock this?


  • Pedro

    PLZ. Unlock my at&t phone IMEI 012431008251269 shin0-at-web.de

  • Bernardo Chaves

    I´ve tried to call AT&T and they told me that this is impossible to me because my iphone is locked for security reasons. someone too??? someone know why ?

  • berna chaves

    I´ve tried to call AT&T and they told me that this is impossible to me because my iphone is locked for security reasons. someone too??? someone know why?

  • Ismail Becirovic

    my phone is unlocked to 4.11.08 i used sam method

  • rafanigri

    easyiphoneunlock is a solution??

  • rere

    After having my iPod turned into a 600 dollar iPod, I’ll never purchase Apple’s garbage again. The software is not user friendly and the hardware breaks way too easily.

  • rere

    Don’t feed the trolls.

  • gustaff

    you have to let that people eat what iphone 4 pudrace

  • Ontech Int

    It doesn’t work for anyone!

  • Ontech Int

    This solution won’t work for anyone, if it was the case, nobody would come here to ask for a help! Reflect on that!

  • Ontech Int

    That’s not true, some people can, me included, i factory unlock my clients iPhones!

  • don

    your email doesn’t work

  • wade

    hello all
    can someone help me i have iphone 4 version 5.1.1 modem firmware is 04.12.01 the iphone is been jailbreak but not unlock yet can anyone help me to unlock this phone pls pls

    thanks you

  • AT&T

    People call AT&T and ask them to unlock your iPhone mines is factory unlocked

  • Erwin

    Now that I managed to get IMEI unlock
    does anybody knows if my saved sam activaction ticket
    can be used in a different iphone?

  • Pod

    I want to unlock. IPhone 4 I want you to help me. The iPhone from Japan.

  • gil

    …i the great hackers can do it…but apple has bought all of them…either openly or secretly..cos its strange right from iPhone 2g they have done it…how come its so hard now…??..am even afraid apple has bought musclenerd and the higher tech guys just to remain on jailbreak to stop all the hussle with at&t and the rest…come to think of it…apple doesnt just get sales bcos of the At&t or whatever….but much more with Apps…more tweaks being added more demand…and guess what..its the geeks who make most or all of the apps…so apple is better off to buy guys to jailbreak than unlock which will get them issues with operators…think of it…and hey..this is what i think..

  • targus

    Fu*k you apple!!! I won’t be surprise to see most of your costumers switching to android! You might want to give your company a new name… like Rotten Apple.

  • Nguyễn Huy

    i have 1 iphone baseband 4.12.01. i’m in VietNam plzzz help me it’s lock…..

  • Diane

    Can someone help me. I have a AT&T 4s that according to IMEI checks it is unlocked. I cannot get it to accept my sim card. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • Harry

    I paid 20 bucks and got nothing

    please i need a lawyer

  • wajhi

    i have iphone 4g having baseband 4.12.01 spain vodafone plzzz help in unlocking is there any solution.??

  • nirvana07

    i have a iphone4 ios 5.1.1 baseband 04.12.01 carrier orange uk is there any solution 2 unlock it or jailbreak it plz help me i shal be thnkful 2 u for this

  • egyptian iphone

    unlock for Mobinil Egypt please?