iPhone pranks are a blessing in disguise for some people. It’s a fun way to get a laugh out of your friends, as well as yourself. When you consider an iPhone, pranks are easy to pull off and harmless, which saves the prankster and the pranked from any rifts, if you get what we mean. This post highlights 9 iPhone pranks that can be pulled off on family and peers.

Best iPhone Pranks

Top 9 iPhone Pranks to Fool Your Mates

Below are the top 9 best iPhone pranks to try today:

Prank 1: Accessibility Lockout

Guided Access iPhone Prank

With Guided Access, users can be locked into a single application. This is used mostly to prevent children from messing with the device. To pull this prank, go to Settings – Accessibility – Learning and turn on Guided Access, and then add it through Accessibility Shortcut. Open an app such as Weather, Stocks or Game Center and click the home button thrice. Select a Passcode and Start Guided Access. No one can leave the application without knowing the passcode.

Prank 2. Betrayal of Auto-correct

This is one of the most popular iPhone pranks around. If you get your hands on an unlocked iPhone of any one of your peers, you can do this: Go to Settings – General – Keyboard – Add Shortcut. For iOS 9 beta users, Add Shortcut may not appear, but “Text Replacement” can be selected.

In the “Shortcut” section, insert a common word such as Thanks, and in the “Phrase” section, insert a funny word.

Prank 3. Typing Forever

iPhone Typing Prank

This is one of the coolest iPhone pranks in our option. Punish the peers and relatives who type slowly with the typing GIF. This makes them think you’re still typing but they will just see a GIF. This can be used in a funny way. “I just met that girl at the restaurant and something amazing happened.” “Insert GIF”, and watch the curious bunch get more curious.

Prank 4. Siri Name Calling

siri iPhone Prank

Press and hold Home button or say “Hey Siri” if the device can access Siri. Instruct Siri to call the phone’s user a funny name. Anyone can be called anything, like “Goofball”. If Siri is active on the lock screen, you can leverage further iPhone pranks by setting random alarms, scheduling reminders and sending text messages without knowing the passcode. To prevent a prank on yourself, go to Settings – Touch ID & passcode and untick Siri in the section “Allow Access When Locked”.

Prank 5: Frozen iPhone

You can prank someone by making them believe their iPhone is frozen. This prank requires a minute or more.

  1. Take a screenshot of the victim’s homepage by pressing home and sleep/wake button together.
  2. Move all items from that homepage to another folder/homepage so that the page is clear. Tap and hold the apps and when they jiggle, move them around.
  3. Apply the screenshot you took in the first step.

When someone taps on an app, they’ll be tapping an image and not the actual homepage, which will confuse them.

Prank 6. Wake Me Up

iPhone Alarm Prank

Launch “Clock” app and open the alarm tab. Select a time when the victim doesn’t want to be distributed, select his/her most hated tune and deactivate snooze. We suggest using the standard Alarm which can be found in the Sounds’ Classic section. If you want to really annoy the victim, set the alarm to repeat. When they wake up half asleep, they won’t even remember to delete the alarm.

Prank 7: Contact Switch

This is one of the classic iPhone pranks. Head over to Contacts and modify the name of an important contact, such as their brother. With your number exchanged with the victim’s important contact, you can quickly fool someone.

Prank 8. Invert Colors

iPhone Prank

Head over to Settings – General – Accessibility and switch on the toggle for “Invert Colors”. If there is another Accessibility feature activated, uncheck that option. Then, tap the home button thrice to invert the colors on the iPhone.

Prank 9. Cracked Screen

Cracked screen iPhone prank

The last of the iPhone pranks. Search for a high quality image of a broken screen on Google. Then go to Settings – Wallpaper and replace the wallpaper with a wallpaper of a broken screen. While the victim will realize eventually that the screen isn’t broken, the initial scare will be priceless.

And that’s it from our side. Pull these iPhone pranks whenever you’re in the mood. If you know a prank we didn’t include in the list, feel free to share it with us in the comments section. We will share it with the Unlockboot community.

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