This is the post you should be reading if you’re looking for some awesome jailbreak tweaks and apps for activity related to Call Recorder. After the release of iOS 8, all features of this firmware are accessible. And now that the jailbreak is available, you can use Cydia to install any of the free app from the Cydia store.

Best Cydia Call Recorder Apps

There are some really powerful jailbreak tweaks that can change the functionality of your device. The newest iOS is a hit among iDevice users and the jailbreak is a hit as well. The popular application is the ‘Call Recorder’ and the jailbreak has enabled the download tweaks that record incoming and outgoing calls.

This was the main feature on Android device and iOS lacked this feature, but now that Call Recorder is available, it can be enhanced further by jailbreak tweaks.

The best apps and tweaks for Call Recorder from Cydia

These days there are several call recorders doing well on iOS. And the applications can be accessed for free after jailbreak. Here is the list of some of the best offerings from the Cydia store:

#1: Google Voice

This app was optimized for Android, but later came to iOS. It is full of creative features and a lot of people are still unaware of the hidden gems this app has to offer. You just need to use Cydia to access it. You can start using the creative features after downloading it on your device. With it, you can record incoming and outgoing calls. But please note that you need to create a Google account in order to use this app. But it works really well for recording incoming and outgoing calls.

#2: Call Log Pro for iPhone

This is another call recording app available to download from the Cydia store. The app works well when your device is receiving a strong WiFi signal. In terms of 3G there were a few issues but later they were resolved after the update. It should be seen however that the tweak works with phone numbers from the US. Download the application is quite easy and you just need to use Cydia on your device to search for Call Log Pro. After you launch this application you can start recording incoming or outgoing calls. The application has a user-friendly interface and easy to use features.

#3 IntCall

We consider it one of the best apps to record your phone calls. It has a user friendly and beautiful interface which makes it a favorite amongst users who’ve downloaded it. Outgoing and incoming calls can be recorded without any issues. This was one last application that was cracked by few Cydia and jailbreak communities.


As evident from then list above, there are several call recording apps offered by Cydia that can be easily installed and downloaded for free. You just need to search for the right source from where these applications can be downloaded.

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