It’s only natural for people to want the best apps and tweaks for their iPhones and iPads. One of the sources where you can familiarize yourself with unlimited themes, apps, utilities, etc. is Cydia. It’s like a whole treasure chest of awesome stuff for your iDevice. Below you will find a list of the top 10 best Cydia sources and repos for iOS 10.2 – 9.3.5 that have millions of useful and fun stuff for jailbroken iDevices.

best cydia sources 2017

List with the 10 Best Cydia Sources for 2017

Below is the list of the best Cydia sources to add on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad in 2017:

1. SiNful iPhone Repository

sinful iphone repo source

You might know about SiNful repository already because it’s popular in many jail broken iPhone/iPad communities. Like all other repos you can browse through cracked apps, tweaks, and a lot more.

Source Url:

2. InsanelyiRepo Repository

insanelyi cydia source

It’s okay to feel bored with the look of your iDevice. Just visit this repo and familiarize yourself with mods, tweaks, and apps to customize your iPhone/iPad in the way you prefer.

Source Url:

3. FilippoBiga

This repo will present you with tweaks meant for customizing the gesture and look of icons and apps on your iPhone/iPad. Select the look you want and see how it changes the appearance of the app icons meant for folders, carrier logo, lock screen, and a lot more.

Source Url:

4. BiteYourAppleRepo

bite your apple repo

Here you will be able to find thousands of appealing themes, a huge array of creative ringtones, useful jailbreak tweaks and other exciting fun stuff.

Source Url:

5. BigBoss Repository

You can have this source installed on your iPhone/iPad when you install Cydia. Here you can check out all the useful apps, utilities, mods, etc. Discovering tweaks is easier in this repo because they are categorically segregated.

Source Url:

6. ModMyi Repository

modmyi repo source

This is probably one of the most popular Cydia sources. You can easily find updated and popular apps, themes, utilities, and tweaks, etc. ModMyi also comes pre-installed with Cydia.

Source Url:

7. iPhoneCake Repository

This is another repo for game loving iPhone/iPad users. A lot of the games are free and you will end up spending hours trying various games out.

Source Url:

8. xSellize Repository

xsellize repo source

This is the repo for you if you are into games. There are a lot of categories for various games such as Gameboy, Racing Games, SEGA, NES, and more. You can also download and install numerous tweaks.

Source Url:

9. iHacksRepo Repository

ihacks cydia source

This is probably one of the best Cydia source that will provide you with a whole bunch of tweaks to make your iPhone/iPad look unique. If you want to stand out from the crowd than check this repo out.

Source Url:

10. iF0rce Repository

This repo will introduce you to Air Blue sharing tweaks, a well-known community that allows users to share things through Bluetooth. There are a lot of beautiful utilities and tweaks for you to choose from over here.

Source Url:

What is your favorite Cydia source for 2017? Share it with us in the comments below.