According to science and searches, sleep is essential for humans, especially for adults. According to a survey, 1 out of 3 adults doesn’t take necessary rest every day. Science says that 7-8 hours of sleep is essential for adults. This amount of sleep is needed for both physical and mental health. When you do not get required sleep, your body and mind start working slow. You feel tired and get different types of diseases. It means if you want a healthy life, you need enough sleep every night. So, today we are going to present you the best sleep apps which will give you a better sleep and relaxed mind.

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5 Best Sleep Apps for iOS and Android Devices

If you are too busy with your routines, you will get some diseases like depression, high blood pressure, heart diseases and diabetes. Such body disorders are very serious and take a lot of time to be cured. So instead of curing these diseases, you can get rid of them by just getting enough sleep. Now the question is how you will manage your time to get enough sleep. Well, there are many ways to do this, but you can control your time by using a sleep app. Today, we will show you the best sleep apps which you can use to manage your time in an efficient way. Have a look at them below.

1. Sleep Cycle alarm clock

Sleep Cycle is a very useful app and provides a lot of features. It automatically detects and analyzes your sleep and movements. In other words, this app will analyze your movements during sleep and will judge whether you are in a deep sleep or not. It will also detect the eye movements to select the optimal time for your sleep and wake up. In short, Sleep Cycle is the best sleep app for your smartphone.

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You can set sleep and wake up time, and this app will wake you up at the set time. You can also check your sleep and wake up times on weekly and monthly basis. It means you will be able to track your sleep and wakeup activities whenever you want. So, if you are requesting for the best sleep app for your phone, you can consider Sleep Cycle.

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2. Sleep Time – Sleep Cycle Alarm

Sleep Time is another great app when it comes to managing sleep and wake-up times. This app is very similar to the Sleep Cycle app. The working of this app is simple and easy to understand. During your sleep, it will monitor your movements to find out how you sleep and what is the best time for your deep sleep. It will also generate insights for your rest to let you know the best time period for your sleep. You could then figure out the time period of your relaxation. This app tells you that if you take an extended period of sleep, you need a minimum of one hour to relax your mind and wake up.

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This is the purpose for which the app is designed. Not just this, Sleep Time has a fantastic way of awakening you. If you have set up the wake-up and sleep times in your phone, this app will wake you up on the described time. This app also takes care of your sleep by waking you up in a gentle and relaxing way like producing the sound of nature, birds, and water, etc. It means you will not wake up accidentally or by any unpleasant voice. So getting Sleep Time app on your mobile is a good deal.

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3. Relax & Sleep Well – A Hypnosis and Meditation App

Relax & Sleep Well is a free app for Android and iPhone. It is specially designed to help you take complete sleep in busy routines. In this busy life, it is very hard to manage time for sleep. People are busy with their workings, jobs, and other activities so much that sometimes they don’t even take enough sleep which results in different body disorders and problems. Therefore, this app has a lot of importance to you.

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The best way to manage your rest is developing sleep hygiene using this app. A sleep hygiene is when you go to bed at night and when you sleep and you can set it using this amazing app. Sleep hygiene defines the same time as going to bed and waking up in the morning. By following proper sleep hygiene, you will get the best of your body capabilities.

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4. Relax Melodies – Sleep Sounds

Relax Melodies is one of the most famous sleep apps on the internet with more than 35 million users. If you work a lot and couldn’t sleep well, this app will help you a lot. Relax Melodies is designed for the people who face difficulties while sleeping. If you cannot sleep well, if you are uncomfortable while sleeping or if you face challenges while taking rest, this app is designed for you. There are a lot of different sounds and melodies in this app that will let you sleep and relax.

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Science has proved that listening to a sweet sound or voice helps humans to fall in sleep better. You can find any type of melody including nature and other types of sounds. Not just this, you will be able to customize and build your own melody with this app. So if you want to hear a new sound every time you go to bed, try Relax Melodies app for your mobile. It will help you a lot to fall into sleep or to relax.

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5. Recolor – Coloring Book

The Recolor app is a unique app which allows you to relax while drawing and coloring different pictures on your smartphone. With this app, you can color different images and pictures on your phone. By coloring, you can relax as this process calms your mind and relax your body. You can color different new photos every day. You can also select different themes, color to enjoy your coloring. The choice of picture types depends on you.

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Whether you want nature photos or you like food images, whether you want cars photos or you want to color landscape images, you will find all types of photos in this app. The coloring is the best way to relax your mind and reduce anxiety. So if you want to reduce your anxiety level and bring some relaxation to your mind, you can install Recolor app on your phone. This will also enable you to relax and sleep well.

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So these are some sleep apps which can manage your sleep and wake up times as well as activities. You can choose any of the apps mentioned above according to your nature, choice, and requirements. Get one of the above apps to control your sleep habits and efficiently manage your times.