Even after the sensational start of selling iPhone 4S, local craftsmen in China have not stopped riveting new clones of the so popular and amazing smartphone from Apple.

At this time, the network showed up almost an exact copy of the iPhone 4S. This iPhone 4S Copy allows you to enjoy the exquisite fresh OS Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Chinese copy of iPhone 4S

It seems that it is the brainchild of the same guys who are a little less than a year ago have collected the most realistic Copy of the iPhone 4.

iPhone 4S Chinese Copies

Chinese copy of iPhone 4S

The phone weighs 114 grams, which is slightly smaller than the iPhone 4S, but it looks absolutely identical. The screen resolution are the same – 960 x 640.

Chinese copy of iPhone 4SChinese copy of iPhone 4SChinese copy of iPhone 4S

Running Android 4.0 OS Ice Cream Sandwich, sharpened by interface on iOS, but Siri is replaced by a voice assistant called Vlingo.

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What is the purpose of these products and whether you would buy this product?

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    Where are they selling this ?

  • FYI

    Because lot of people wanted to have this kind of symbol. LOL! Do they have a video showing its demo? And for your information they can easily create a replica of an iPhone since China are the assemblers of official Apple iPhones..

  • Lsjdesigns

    Don’t see the point

  • Jason Faulkner

     So because Lockheed makes stealth bombers, Boeing could easily create a replica? There are a billion people in China. They don’t all know each other.

  • Anam Abdullah

    does this phone have a warranty kindly tell me plzzzzzzzz

  • daytona

    This cost in Bangkok 2500 baht. There are 2 choice. Java and android. Choose android is my answer. It has an sd card inside on 8 gb, but i changed it to 16 GB for my son phone.