There had been a lot of rumors and indications about Google Chrome for iOS, and Google confirmed the most used web browser is indeed coming to the iOS system on the day two of their I/O developers conference.

We would like to inform you that today you’ll get the Chrome option on your iDevice. Read on for more details!

Download Google Chrome for IOS

The Chrome browser is developed in such a way that it’s compatible with iPhone and iPad. All the information and bookmarks synced with the Google ID will be available on the iOS device automatically once the user signs into Chrome. It may also lead to the syncing of the desktop and mobile browsing experience for the Chrome desktop users. It’s great news for those who use Chrome regularly.

Download Google Chrome for iPhone
Downlaod Google Chrome for iPhone

However, there’s a lacking as well. Chrome for iOS won’t take advantage from the sped up Nitro Javascript engine, which is for Apple’s Safari. However, it’s still great to have mvoile and desktop experience in sync.

Download Google Chrome for iPhone / iPad

Google Chrome for iPad and iPhone can be downloaded from the official iTunes link below, which would be available soon. We confirm that you can download Google Chrome for iPhone and iPad today! Head back to get your favorite web browser soon. Are you excited that a new alternative will be available for web browsing?

Download Google Chrome for iOS (iTunes Link).

Or you were happy with Mobile Safari for iOS? Your feedback is valuable, so leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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