Losing an iPhone or misplacing it is a common occurrence. Maybe you left it at a friend’s place, or maybe it fell in the backseat of the car. You can misplace it anywhere. Fortunately, you can find lost iPhone using Apple Watch using the Ping iPhone feature that makes your iPhone give loud pinging sound.

Find Lost iPhone Using Apple Watch

This feature is quite useful, especially for those who put the iPhone somewhere and then forget where it went. It’s a blessing in disguise for parents who leave the handset in unusual places, as they can find lost iPhone using Apple Watch through pinging it.

Steps to Find Lost iPhone Using Apple Watch

The iPhone and Apple Watch need to be paired and connected.

  1. Swipe upwards from the Apple Watch clock face to access “Glances”.
  2. Now, swipe right a couple of times until the Glance control panel opens. It should have features like Airplay, Do Not Disturb, as well as “Ping iPhone”. Make sure your iPhone is “Connected” and there’s green color. If there’s no green color, the devices are far, and you can find lost iPhone with iCloud instead.
  3. Tap “Ping iPhone” (the iPhone giving out sound waves), and follow sounds to find the lost/misplaced iPhone.

Making Camera Flash Blink and Pinging Lost iPhone

Another option is the Ping method’s variation, and it causes the camera flash to blink apart from giving sound. Simply holding down the Ping button to make the iPhone’s camera flash blink in addition to giving out the ping sound. You can find lost iPhone using Apple Watch with this approach in a dark area.

For the feature’s video demonstration, the Apple Watch commercial “Find” was shown by Apple. It shows how to find lost iPhone using Apple Watch.

As we mentioned, if the red “Disconnect” message appears on Apple Watch, you can’t ping iPhone. And then iCloud should be used to find the device. The benefit of the latter is that it can be used on a web browser or another iOS device.

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If you can’t find lost iPhone with any method, apply Remote Lock and place it in lost mode so that no one can use your device without your Apple ID.