After the AirPods released online and then came to the first set of customers earlier in December, many folks have started recognizing that the charging case that comes with the headsets isn’t holding Apple’s advertised 24 hours of charge. In theory, the charging case should only lose recognizable amounts of charge when the AirPods are low on battery and recharge within the case, and when customers flip the pack open to check battery levels or otherwise stimulate Wireless Bluetooth with a connected Apple device.

improve airpods battery life

The Apple set of customers experiencing battery problems, however, are recognizing that the AirPods case drains by more than 40% in only time, with the AirPods at Completely within and little Wireless Bluetooth initial.

MacRumors reviews that many folks have revealed unusually high battery drainage and drainage while the AirPods are in their charging case. The headsets offer up to five hours of utilisation before they need to be billed, and the case contains its own battery which can charge the AirPods on the go. According to Apple, the case offers “more than 24 hours of battery life” – but some entrepreneurs say that they’re not getting anywhere near that.

Those impacted say that even when both the AirPods and the case are fully charged, the case continues to empty its battery at an alarming rate with the wireless headsets saved within. One user on reddit, ‘severinskulls‘, said that after leaving his AirPods in the case overnight – with both case and pals billed to 100% – he regularly woke up to discover that the case had still lost up to 20% of its charge.

AirPods he got that do not have an obvious defective charging case. In most cases, the AirPods themselves are not experiencing any reduced battery problems.

How to Reset Your AirPods in Two Easy Steps

reset airpods

Reset AirPods to improve battery life

  1. Place both AirPods into their form-fitted case -> press-hold the Setup button located on the outside of the case for about 15-seconds (or until the interior position light starts blinking Ruby, and then White.) > wait until the lights stop blinking.
  2. Remove you’re completely reset AirPods from the case, and then manually pair them with all your gadgets as if they were new. (NOTE: you’ll have to manually reconfigure certain configurations, such as double-tap to stop, for example, that may have been designed before — as the reset will have avoided these custom configurations.)

It’s not yet clear how widespread the issue is, but it certainly doesn’t affect all gadgets, with many entrepreneurs of AirPods explaining a problem-free experience with both the headsets and the charging case. But that comes as little comfort to those who experience the issue, and it appears that the only available solution is to seek a replacement charging case from Apple. On the other hand, there are many other customers who have revealed normal experience with the case and it is advertised 24 hours of battery. Apple has not commented on any of the reviews.

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