AirPods are a blessing in disguise for music lovers, and the fact that they come from Apple makes them even classier. But there’s an issue – you can lose them easily. Below are the 10 best AirPods Straps to buy in 2018.

best airpods straps

10 Best Apple AirPods Straps

To help you avoid that situation, we’ve researched the best AirPods straps. Each of them offer stability and comfort, and come in a neat design.

1. Spigen AirPods Strap

spigen airpod strap

This had to be in the list because of its high quality material and design. It is user-friendly, and fastens the AirPods on all mounts to deliver stability. No need to worry about knots here.

Buy it today from Amazon ($9.99)

2. Alpaca AirPods Strap

alpaca airpods strap

These straps come with a simple design, and can be laid on your shoulders. They’re tangle-free, and slip in the pocket with ease.

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3. Shalwinn AirPods Sports Strap

airpods sport strap

These straps are made from silicone, and come with a tangle-free design. They’re durable and lightweight, and work well while you’re exercising. Color options are white and black.

Purchase it from ($6.99

4. VIMVIP Silicone Strap for Apple AirPods

apple air pods strap

This strap goes easily with earphones. It is made from high-quality silicone, and don’t fall off as you’re running.

Buy VIMVIP from Amazon ($7.89)

5. Amavasion

silicone airpods strap

This strap is quite useful, and easily installable and removable. It doesn’t add bulk, and remain inside the ears firmly even when you’re running at top speed.

Buy them from Amazon ($10.90)

6. AirEars Airpod Strap

apple airpods holder

AirEars are perfect for joggers and runners. They’ll secure your AirPods while you’re running. The compact design and quality material are quite convenient.

Buy AirEars from Amazon ($12.99)

7. Proboths 30 inch AirPods Strap

never lose your airpods

This strap has a fashionable design. The cotton material goes quite nicely with AirPods. 3 color options to choose from; and the strap is long to hang around the neck.

Buy Proboths from Amazon ($7.99)

8. Stouch Sports Strap for Apple AirPods

best airpods strap

Worried that you may lose your AirPods while you’re outdoors? This strap would save the day. It’s suitable and free from knots and winks.

Purchase from Amazon ($7.90)

9. EloBeth AirPods Strap

best strap for apple airpods

This strap gives you ultimate freedom to utilize your AirPods. The lightweight design fits around your neck, and the fashionable look ensures you don’t have to hide the straps from onlookers.

Buy now from Amazon ($6.99)

9. iAbler – Never Lose Your AirPods

best airpods strap

This strap has a neat design, and is the perfect strap for a prolonged activity outdoors. It is quite lightweight, and offers a peace of mind to users.

Buy it now from Amazon ($7.88)

These are the 10 best AirPods straps out there. Which one are you thinking of getting?