We’ve spent many years since 2000, and it’s safe to say that Facebook has stood the test of time as a popular social network. Its app is installed on millions of iPhones around the world. But like thousands of other apps installed on our iDevices, it sometimes has some glitches. One of the problems iPhone users have complained of in recent times is the Facebook app crashing without any apparent reason.

facebook app crashing


5 Ways to Fix Facebook app Crashing on iPhone

If you’re among those who’ve faced this issue, you need to read this guide which talks about 5 measures you can take to fix the constant crashing problem of Facebook on iPhone. We hope one of this tactics will work to solve your problem and enjoy the Facebook app on your iOS device again.

1. Forcing the Facebook app to close

facebook keeps crashing on iphone

We talk about the easiest solution before we get to anything else. The first thing you should do is force close the Facebook application. Doing this is pretty easy. The first thing you need to do is press two times quickly the Home button. This will showcase your recently used applications. You can discover Facebook by swiping left. After you do, close it, and start it again to see if it functions normal. if the Facebook keeps crashing on iPhone again, try the next method to fix. Facebook app crashing again? Try the next solution.

2. Update Facebook app on your iPhone

Like all other applications, the Facebook application needs an update. So go to the App Store and check if there are any updates available for this app. To update Facebook app, open App Store -> Updates -> Update the app.

3. Reboot the iPhone and Open the Facebook app Again

facebook app crashing on iphone

Another thing you should do is reboot the device. Often when you do this, rebooting the device is going to solve glitches with any apps you have available. Just press and hold the wake/sleep button, and once the slider appears, swipe to switch off the device. Then you should start it again.

4. Clear the cache for the Facebook app

This should also help. To clear the app cache on your device, download an app from the App Store for the purpose. There are many such applications; you just need to select one and let it do the job.

5. Reinstall the application

If nothing seems to work, just perform a reinstall. This can be done by searching for the Facebook icon on the iPhone home screen, and then tapping it until the little red cross appears. Tapping on the cross will enable you to delete the application. You can then reinstall it from the App Store.

With one of these steps, we’re hopeful you’d be able to solve the Facebook app crashing on iPhone issue.

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