Everybody wants to come back after a long day of work and find an escape in some way or the other so we have compiled a bunch of iPad and iPhone games to kill stress and make sure that your escape is not only mentally engaging but keeps you entertained enough to forget about the troubles of the day.

iphone games to kill stress

Top 7 iPad and iPhone Games to Kill Stress

Here’s our list of the best 7 games to play on your iPhone and iPad to kill stress. You can download and install them on your iOS device using the links below the game review.

1. 8 Ball Pool

games to kill stress

Not only is this the best pool game in the world but it’s also a great escape as one of the iPhone games to kill stress. The two modes of this game are either one-on-one or you can take part in 8 player tournaments to showcase your skills and cash-in-on a lot of coins which you can later use for games with a higher rank and also buy new items in the pool shop.

Price: Free | Download Here

2. Fruit Ninja Classic

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Fruit Ninja comes in three modes: classic, Zen, and arcade. The task is to rapidly slice fruits that keep sprouting up but after 3 strikes, it’s game over.

You have to make the most out of the power ups and special bananas to become a more skilled player. The graphics are amazing and the different kinds of sounds keep you entertained. You can even unlock several features like star fruit pack through in-app purchase.

Price: $1.99 | Download Here

3. Despicable Me

iphone game to kill stress

We are all well aware of the minions that have taken the world by storm with their quirky indecipherable phrases and never ending mischievous attitude. In Minion Rush you have to jump, dodge, roll and knock minions off the track and collect bananas. Play engaging missions to bolster your score and it has more than 50 great costumes so you’ll be able to customize your look.

Price: Free | Download Here

4. Clumsy Ninja

relax game for iphone

This is another one of the iPad and iPhone games to kill stress. In this game your job is to make Ninja more skillful and help him find his missing friend named Kira while teaching him new moves and tricks. You can customize his belts, headbands and suits to give him a cool look.

Price: Free | Download Here

5. Bike Race

ios games to kill stress

A fast paced game based on physics for sure. It has a lot of modes and lots of levels so that it will never get boring. Also, with the constant updates the challenges will keep on coming.

Price: Free | Download Here

6. My Talking Tom

kill stress games

What you have to do here is to adopt a kitten and help him grow into a super intelligent cat. You’ll achieve thus by teaching it how to talk as it repeats everything you say and you have to nurture it. You can even share the videos with your friends.

Price: Free | Download Here

7. Subway Surfers

kill stress games for iphone

This is one of the top games in the world and you’ve definitely seen someone or the other have it in their phone. Superb graphics, acrobatics, customizing looks and different levels to avoid the upcoming train. This will definitely keep you hooked.

Price: Free | Download Here

We hope these iPhone games to kill stress will save you from the hardships of this world! Let us know in the comment which is your favorite iPad or iPhone game to kill stress?