You’re a PC user and you have heard great things about the GarageBand app for the Mac. Thus you’re browsing the internet for the GarageBand alternatives for Windows. Well, you’re in luck as we have just compiled a list of the best GarageBand alternatives for Windows that you can download on your Windows PC or laptop.

garageband alternatives for windows

Here are the Best GarageBand Alternatives for Windows

Whether you’re an experienced music creator or just have started to delve into music production, GarageBand is a great tool to produce music. To name a few stars who have used GarageBand to produce their music are Rihanna, Fall Out Boy and other top musicians.

However, the GarageBand is only available for the iOS devices and Macs. Hence, developers have created GarageBand alternatives for Windows user to either have fun making music amateurishly or professionally. Read further below to find the GarageBand alternatives for Windows that you prefer:

1. Mixcraft 8 – $89.95

This is a loop-based editor that is helpful for inspiring music producers. Benefit for having GarageBand was its feature and a collection of loop sounds. Hence, a novice music producer is able to create a nice rhythm without any hassle. Therefore, Mixcraft is an editor that offers a diverse range of loops that can help you create a beat in few simple steps.

garageband for windows

Use the drag and drop feature to load the loops and the software will then automatically set a tempo and key. So use this software to create hip-hop beats or other sound loops.

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2. Music Maker Jam – Free

If you’re not a hardcore music producer, but like to create music for fun. Then, Music Maker is one of the best GarageBand alternatives for Windows user. With this software, you are able to make a different type of genre music.

garageband alternative for windows

Technically, Music Maker Jam is an app that you can install on your Windows system. So being an app you can also install it on your smartphones that supports Windows or Android OS.

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3. LMMS – Free

This is an open-source software, meaning that you can download it for free and can also access the source code. If you have a little knowledge of coding then you can customize this software from looks to features. LMMS is also a cross-platform software, therefore you can even use it on a Mac or Linux.

garageband alternative windows

However, the UX is not aesthetically pleasing but it makes up it for its performance and powerful software. There are pre-installed samples, instruments and effects that you can use to create music. You can simply drag and drop files into the editor.

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4. Stagelight – $9.99

Not a perfect copy of the Mac OS GarageBand but pretty close. Stagelight offers a similar experience as of the GarageBand app. Though taken inspiration from the Apple app, it does not mean that Stagelight is any less of an app.

garageband alternative for pc

With it you can test different types of sounds and instruments to make your perfect beat. One of the biggest artists that have used this software is Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda.

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Let us know in the comments below if you know any other great GarageBand alternatives for Windows that we might have overlooked.