The developers of the project SiriPort, whose goal is to transfer the voice assistant Siri on the iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod touch and iPad, released an update for iOS 5.1.1. compatibility.

The package is called Siriport for iOS 5.1 — available for free download in Cydia. This tweak allows you to get Siri on your iPhone 4 / 3GS, iPod touch and iPad on the iOS 5.1.1 firmware.

Install Siri on iPhone 4

The package is designed for devices that are running iOS 5.1.1 firmware, installation guide on the Siri for iOS 5.0.1 is available here. In addition to the issue of compatibility updates, the developers have made several bug fixes and changes to the proxy server for voice requests, to work faster and more stable.

List of supported devices:

  • iPhone 4 (GSM / CDMA)
  • iPod touch 4G
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPad 1

How to Install Siri On iPhone 4

iPhone 4 running Siri on iOS 5.1.1 / 6.0.1

How to install Siri on iPhone 4 / 3GS / iPod touch and iPad running iOS 5.1.1 firmware:

Step 1: Jailbreak your device. To Jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 untethered you can use Absinthe, or Sn0wbreeze 2.9.4.
Step 2: Open Cydia and add the following repository:

How to install siri on iOS 5.1.1

Install Sisiport iOS 5.1.1

Step 3: Install Siriport.

install siri on iphone 4 ios 5.1.1

Install Siriport from Cydia on iOS 5.1.1

Step 4: Reboot your iOS 5.1.1 device.

Step 5: Open your mobile Safari and click on this link:

install siri certificate ios 5.1.1

Install Siri certificate

Step 6: Verify the certificate installation.
Step 7: Reboot your device.
Step 8: Start Siri and say “Hi Siri”.

Following the performed steps finally, you’ll have successfully installed Siri on your iOS 5.1.1 iDevice. In the event, you encounter an error or have a problem feel free to ask in the comment section below.

  • john

    followed all the steps .. does not work when i say hi screen goes back to home

  • Kalandar

    when rebooted, It gets stuck in apple logo…

  • romina

    same here with me 🙁 can’t reboot it! just the apple logo please help

  • Kalandar

    does not work… i got stuck in apple logo.. now i have to restore to factory settings using itunes->restore button… everything gone off… jailbreak too and all installed data’s….

  • blissful eve

    same here god damn…

  • Davi Romeo

    this work or not?? i want but, is very dangerous apparently

  • Ahmed

    Go to they ported it successfully using google api and its free

  • alex4323

    dont work, stuck in apple logo

  • Jackass

    I have it on my iPhone 3GS and my iPad first generation

  • keno023

    NOT WORKING!!! i got stuck on apple logo

  • AceM.

    Stuck at Boot logo -_- had to restore.

    Wait for another post by Unlock something is wrong with these directions.

  • daro

    for me it works, but siri dont speak :/

  • HArry

    sick! stuck in apple logo

  • romina

    i tried it again and stil it doesnt work at all! always gets stuck with the apple logo

  • Sima Cosmin

    everyone who has iphone 4 with old bootrom will stuck on boot logo. there is nothing you can do. if you’re stucked on boot logo just restore. and for others with new bootrom just stop trying to get siri. there are 1% chances to work 🙂 for ones who really want siri just buy an 4s 🙂

  • Rod

    Siri comes up on my 3gs, it just says sorry I can not get any information at this. time please try again later??
    anyone else experiencing this problem??

  • Mike

    Stuck at apple boot logo


    Open tiny umbrella and switch to cydia servers… Same thing happened to me


    Works great took a little tweaking but it’s pretty simple

  • pctech42

    3gs here it just keeps saying sorry i can not get any information at this time, please try again later. How do you solve this?

  • Talha

    this doesn’t work well at all.. i don’t know why this is on here..

  • Miranja Sameera

    there is one thing missing in the information. after u install to cydia source and reboot device. then u have to search app siriport original on cydia and install that too. it will takes some time depend your wifi speed. you have to reboot again. then follow the step 5 (above instruction list) and go on. let me know about any prob

  • ardiancok

    they said with japanese caracter

  • Maki

    It is better for you guys to not try it, I have tried it last night, and after rebooting my iphone stucked on apple logo, so I needed to restore the whole iphone and of course as result of that restore I have lost all contents that I had on my iphone 🙁 definitely Siri is meant to work only on 4 S to be honest we are not such smart in this topic than Apple is !!!

  • Kariem Hellmy

    I have tried it last night, and after rebooting my iphone stucked on apple logo,

  • nghing

    dont try it i already installed it and stuck at apple logo too

  • Ben

    I back up my activation by red snow the after that I update my software.. It is possible to unlock again my Sam unlock

  • Shen

    Wow its working form me, But it’s kind of slow compare to 4S, Thanks!

  • moonyoung lee

    it works on my iphone4 5.1.1 bb04.12.01 jailbreaked.
    but siri dont speak anything when i said hi siri.

  • tom

    Keeps saying: “sorry I can not get any information at this. time please try again later?” how can I get past this?

  • moonyoung lee

    oh!!! it works well. i said ‘hi siri’ many times. finally siri answered ‘hello’ and now it works anytime. but ‘raise to speak’ is not work. what should i do?


    Yes i have done with mine…
    you can also take backup by copying Lockdown folder to you pc or mac
    i recommend simply update the phone rather than restoring
    by updating you will have all your files including activation preseved on phone itself
    if you need to backup activation ticket online install cookie from cydia (BigBoss repo)

  • Laeque

    I have installed siri (original) Perfectly by following the steps mentioned above. Siri is working but same its replying “sorry i can not get any information at this time. Please try again later… ? is it an error in installation or something more is to be done to make siri function perfectly? please some one help in this matter …. ???

  • Herder

    Hi all

    if the phone was unlock by calling original carrier like AT&T and they successfully unlock it, if I update the iOS fro 5.0.1 to 5.1.1, would be the signal blocked again(no service)?

    Thank you.

  • Renan Barbalho

    it’s doesn’t work!!!

  • Renan Barbalho

    it doesn’t answer my questions

  • Warachot D.

    pretty slow response

  • daro92

    everything works but siri dont speak at loud…

  • herder

    it works. thank you.

  • blissful eve

    yeap.. it does work on iphone4 bb 4.12.1.

  • Nurul Ain

    siri just says sorry I can not get any information at this. time please try again later…how to fix this??

  • greg

    im in the same boat as the poster below and fixes would be appreciated.

  • Black Jack

    Yes, you can update your phone. I did it

  • IVAN

    It doesn’t work, Keep saying: sorry I can not get any information at this time please try again later. HOW TO FIX THIS?

  • Aning_019

    Does this support the new build for iphone 4, 5.1.1/9B208?


  • JV’s

    It doesn’t work anymore. Indeed work like for a week and suddenly stop!!!. What can possibly happened?’ anyone?

  • sankeey“

    siri is not answering ..

  • Adiyar Abas

    I installed siri everything was okay, but when I said to siri it says, I am sory I cannot….please try again in bit.

  • Kariem Hh

    plzzz help it doesn`t work

  • Kariem Hh

    can u help or … ??!!

  • lglutymgc


  • Vanessa Virginia Ramírez

    yah, siri says that she can’t take any requests so something is wrong with this procedure guys

  • Anthony

    It does not work…siri wont answer…???

  • Itay Ovadia

    does not work. dont bother downloading it, its a big file

  • Seven Najelith

    Yes it does support. I have that exact phone/build and it works on my device.

  • Seven Najelith

    There is no fix. You just have to keep trying, could take days but she will eventually respond and work perfectly from then on. Make sure you followed the directions exactly to the T. Otherwise she won’t work. If she doesn’t work it’s operator error and not a problem with the guide.

  • Seven Najelith

    This statement is false. It definitely works. I followed these exact directions and siri works perfectly for me. Thing is that it can take days for siri server to respond initially. Took me 2 days trying every hour or 2 then all of a sudden she responded. She has worked perfectly for me since then. I even run most of the cydia add-ons for siri and still works to perfection. You just have to be patient, it WILL take time and MANY MANY tries for her to initially respond. Make sure you don’t miss anything in the directions and I promise you she will eventually respond.

  • Cmoneycurrier

    Works slick well should say worked slick when I was at work on 3G but then I get home and have crap service but 30mb cable and she stopped working. Any clue??? My wifi is running smooth tested everything…. Hmmm

  • Mc Levie

    uhhh .. mine does not respond . and it takes a while to say sumthin

  • Cmoneycurrier

    Takes a day or so of keep saying “hi” to Siri then it finally syncs up with server just takes time… I just now have to figure why mine stopped working

  • Cmoneycurrier

    Woke up and she started working again!!!

  • Lee

    Each attempt to install SiriPort gives me this:
    “The modification can’t be made due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed”
    what next/what am I doing incorrectly?
    Thanks in advance to anyone w helpful advice.

  • YoungMon_E

    i keep getting the im really sorry right now but i cant take any request right now try again in a little while

  • Hunghonda888

    Updated Siri and it will work

  • byron comer

    how can i find a trust certificate if it keeps sayinig not trusted

  • AmBreeN Mustafa

    took 2 hours to work on my iphone 4…. now installed it on my sister’s iphone 4… lets see how long it takes now 😛

  • AmBreeN Mustafa

    it works… just have to be v patient

  • Cosmin Min

    good joob but i have a question i unlock my phone with sam ticket now my phone work with all sim card? please amswer me

  • RisingSon

    I have installed siri (original) Perfectly by following the steps mentioned above. Siri is working but same its replying “sorry i can not get any information at this time. Please try again later… ? Any solution for this?

  • RisingSon

    Same thing happened to me.. Any solutions?

  • Sam

    I tried it last night. But when I go to use Siri it gives me an error message saying they can’t help me at this time, please try later. There’s got to be a way around it…right?

  • kakundaluka

    it not working on ipod 4g

  • Fiona

    It works on my iPhone …. Yay 😀

  • Jarred Webster

    Does Siri work when you are not connected to the internet?
    I use a iPod 4g, and I am not always at home, and therefore, not always on the internet.
    I would like to still be able to use Siri on my iPod when I don’t have internet on the go.
    Is it possible to use Siri on a iPod 4g without internet?

  • Techie

    No. When you buy an iphone 4s you have to get unlimited 4g due to the fact that siri isn’t in your phone it’s in apple’s servers which sometimes gets crashed, so when you ask siri a question it is quickly sent to apple then to the giant computer we call siri then goes back vice-versa to your iphone to do a command or an answer to your question

  • Songo Steveregs Eregoba

    I just installed Siri using the instructions above some 2 hours ago and it works. The tutorial doesn’t mention that Siri will take some time to activate and start giving proper responses.I wasn’t jailbroken, and my personal condition for jailbreaking my iPhone 4 was if I could get Siri to work, and the jailbreak has been worth it. Siri is working very well for me now.

  • Ekaansh arora

    World Jelly server works for me instead of siriport

  • Laura

    It installed perfectly on my iPhone 4. But now applications are slow to open and I cant ev en open my mail app. Any advice? asap please

  • Sean

    Hello Unlockboot, I have a question, what if I do reboot by snowbreeze, will my unlock lose? cuz I unlocked by SAM and I didnt save the ticket

  • Chris

    It worked perfectly on my iPhone 4 5.1.1 jailbroken device. I followed the above directions but instead of rebooting the device and saying, “Hi Siri,” every 5-10 minutes I just rebooted the device and said, “Hi Siri,” until she responded for me. Only took about 10 minutes for me.

  • remy

    i just install..but it not working and keep apple logo stuck on main screen..kindly advise it necessary… 🙁

  • ligi

    i installed siri as well and it works but my email app and contacts won’t open. I restarted the phone a few times but it doesn’t fix my problem. any suggestions?

  • Taimoor Shahzad

    it gives error bad verified url….

  • Iphneunlckr

    Dude it won’t hurt the unlock at all my wife’s is unlocked by Sam and I reset all setting and still had your ticket though

  • me

    how do you update siri?

  • Mookie

    After install app siriport original then I reboot my device … But it just showing apple logo and I can’t use my iPhone … What happened…??

  • venkat

    can u pls tell me how to install siri in an factory unlocked iphone 4

  • iPhoneBasherrrrrr

    Hold onto the home+power button for 10secs(:

  • Robert Lee Widhalm

    i get the srry i cant take requests
    i wont give up trying but may i have specific instructions on how to make it recognize me and start answering questions faster? 😀

  • Robert Lee Widhalm

    tips on how to get siri to answer questions

  • said

    On my ipod touch 4g I hold the home button and my springboard crashes
    Anyone know a fix????

  • Sin

    I try to enable siri but every time I go back to the siri option in general settings it says she is off,

  • Zazi

    I installed it and it work. But two days after the installation she going to mute. And now it isn’t work. Why??

  • Nathan

    If you guys try and it and it gets stuck on apple boot logo get sbsettings before installation and then insatall it respring then robot from the sbsettings toggle on status bar

  • Mit

    if your stuck on the apple logo or stuck on restoring the best is to go to DFU this is how u go to dfu mode hold power button for 3 secs and then home +power for 10 secs and release power hold the home for 15 secs then connect to apple your itunes must say if u would like to use this device click restore if u have done with shsh blobs and created an own ios frimware through redsnow you don’t need to worry u can restore to that frimware but remember u are doing it your own risk tho it dosen’t involve any risk cauze i have done it 10 or 15 times on my ipod

  • Kip

    There is a glitch in Siri’s proxy at the moment even though it says its off it is actually on

  • alex

    what if i cant get itunes on my pc is there any other way to to fix the apple screen?

  • aditya

    works great….no problem at all…really thanks..!!!!

  • Angelo

    Hi, I currently have an IOS4_ 5.1.1_Firmware 1.59.
    I followed your instructions just now. Is Siri going to work on my iPhone؟ If not, then…any alternatives, upgrades,…etc؟ thanxXx

  • aditya

    to avoid the problem of being stuck at the apple boot logo, all you ng sineed to do is to restart your device by pressing the power button instead of “respring Device’ after installing siriport..hope this helps…

  • Hello..

    I have installed siri by following your instructions but its not working..
    Siri gives reply that currently it will not take any request and try after a little while..
    kindly help me to solve such prob..

  • Oscar

    My iPhone got stuck in the Apple Logo. It doesnt let me restore or update it on iTunes. It keeps giving me an error message. I also tried rebooting, still nothing.. Help! 🙁

  • beef

    activator can interfere with siri

  • Денис Маноевски

    It really works
    When I ask something Siri she answers my
    I install it on my iPhone 4 for only two minutes
    I don’t have any problems whit siri
    I am on 5.1.1

  • lilxXx

    i followed all the steps but it doesen’t work. when i say “hi siri” it shows me it’s searching but no result what should i do?

  • Aarons needs help

    siri says soory, i cant im really sorry about this, but i cant ake any request right now. please try again in a little while. why?

  • Musicrockzcg23

    Hey that was helpful! Thank you! But um.. I’m getting stuck at one place! I got this “Slide To Set Up”, then I had to choose the “Wi-Fi Networks” then I clicked “Next”, then it showed “Dictation” and this message was shown: “When you tap the microphone button on the keyboard, what you say will be converted to text. Dictation works with any app with a keyboard” and I can’t click “Next” on the Top Right corner. Please can you help me get to the Home Page?!?!?!

  • Musicrockzcg23

    Also I tried to reboot, put it in DFU mode, etc. but it was of no use! I went to iTunes but I couldn’t even restore it & upgrade it to ios 6 (mine is ios 5.1.1) it shows an error & says I can’t do anything now! HELP!!!!!

  • Ne Makara

    I have installed it into my iPhone 4 GSM iso 5.1.1, however it seem not work smoothly, I mean when I commanded Siri to open my mail box or open App Store, it requested me to update to the latest IOS version. Thus could you tell me why? and it could be helped?

  • iphone4

    it showsdidnt find repository ..:(

  • Edric

    Hi, I installed this and it works. But I found after I installed it, I can’t open my mail. Can anyone help me Fix this? Please and thank you.

  • Mitkko

    Hey guys, I used this guide to Install Siri on IOS 6.1 and it works perfect!

  • ilo

    hey, really! what device are you on? is siri still working??? did you install siriport (original) 6 or just siriport (original)? did your device at stuck at apple logo first?

  • Jue

    Hi I can’t install the certificate, will this effect it

  • Thet Oo Zin

    next’ll be okay…

  • akber

    What is the proxy host
    plz tell me any woking proxy hosy

  • ishar kishto

    cannot enter the link given