Your Personal Assistant – Siri allows you to manage applications and make searches using voice commands, is a key function in iPhone 4S with which reached high rating from the users.

Apple doesn’t allow you to install Siri to all iDevices, despite the fact that the technical ability to run a feature on the earlier iDevices.

Install Siri On iPhone 4

However, with the aid of jailbreak and a number of third-party services, users have the ability to set Siri on the iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad and iPod touch. Among the tools available on the web can be identified AssistantConnect, Siriport and SiriServer.

The new i4Siri project porting Siri to the iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad and iPod touch based on an open API service Google Voice. Voice data is processed on the servers of the Internet giant, and the information is returned to your iDevice in the text form and the case is accepted for “Apple assistant”. Thanks to hackers that can fool the Apple servers.

Download Siri On iPhone 4

Specifically for this purpose, the team has got Ubuntu server based on quad-core Core i7 processors and 12 gigabytes of RAM. The machine, which is set up by hackers, is compatible with the Spire tweak.

This tool, released by hackers and Ryan Petritsch Chpwn, work as a graphical user interface and personal assistant for older Jailbroken iDevices. But Spire is not the entirely complete solution. It requires authentication, which provides an i4Siri proxy.

How to install Siri on iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad and iPod touch with i4Siri and Spire

Step 1: Before you proceed, make sure your device is running on iOS 5 and jailbroken. If your iDevice is not jailbroken and running iOS 5.0.1 follow the guide posted here if your iDevice running iOS 5.1 follow the guide posted here.

Step 2: Launch Cydia from your home screen and install the Spire tweak. The process can take a long time because you must download the 100 MB package from Apple.

Step 3: Restart your iDevice.

Step 4: Go to Settings -> Spire

Step 5: Launch Safari and open this link:

Step 6: Confirm the certificate installation.

Step 7: Go to Settings -> General -> Siri and activate Siri

Step 8: Press and hold the Home button and say “Hello Siri”.

After the performed steps finally, you will have successfully installed Siri on your Apple iDevice. If you encounter an error or have a question please use the comment section below.

How to Install Siri On iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad, iPod Touch [Video]

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  • Steveregs

    can’t find spire as described here. 

  • Joe

    nice, this works for my iphone4, siriport didn’t work.. 

  • alex

    hello siri is now on my phone but it says that siri aint available and i should try there something i can do?

  • alex

    now its available but it just react to the question how the weather is .anything else is not possible to ask.please some help

  • Lbaisburd

    it does not really work as an assistant on the iphone 4s

  • Enrique Prado Chavez

    It does work !!! thank you !!!

  • Cnp1210

    this doenst work on ipad!!

  • Rob

    Hello speaks Siri German ??

  • Skatensurf24

    it just keeps saying error and it won’t let me say anything 

  • Shottaz_inc_12

    i am speaking to it but not gettin any response why is that?

  • Armando quintero

    It worked 4 me on my iphone 4 thanks a lot.

  • Azophenylene

    It said Cannot Install Profile Safari could not install a profile due to an unknown error. Help.

  • Hobregon_95

    It Works on iphone 4!!!!

  • mark

    Thanks heaps works great

  • Faysal Fahad

    working good thanks 

  • Bjsolin

    It works!!! But it can’t answer to my questions!! why?????

  • Amit Malik2842

    I have installed Siri but its giving problem .
    it’s not answering my ques

  • suhaibahmad

    i have installed … its answering but too slow ?

  • Painthorsebip

    Installed Siri per directions and it is not working. “I’m really sorry about this, but I can’t take any requests right now. Please try again in a little while.” I do get the Siri voice.

  • Rolfmpc

    I cannot instal Spire , doesn’t show up in setting at all .

  • Amalimalik27

    Dont work anymore cuz to many people or on the server

  • Mark_sing

    It work but can’t find the keyboard for type the massage

  • Mark_sing

    It work for me but I can’t find the keyboard to type to ask the siri

  • Aowhro

     I’ve encountered this issue also. Try to uninstall it first, and then reinstall it after reboot. Somehow your iphone already has some part of this component.

  • Ndepontes

    I did install siri on my jailbroken I4 and keep getting a message “sorry I am not able to help right now try in a little while” what gives? thanks for any help you can provode

  • Yusuf_5ayat

    siri can’t take any request please try in alittle while 

  • Pokharelkasham

    ya…siri is nt tkng any request why??its worng on u guys or nt??

  • Ahmadaliarshad

    M having the same problem. It says ” I am really sorry about this but i can’t take any requests right now. Please try again in a little while” can you please help me?

  • Noel Fernandez

    I think UnlockBoot should post a comment for these issues that a majority of us are posting. Not demanding a solution guys; but at least a hello would be nice :p

  • Froggychat

    Hi guys ok so I can’t turn Siri on in settings I’ve never been able to either why??

  • Павел Довбня

    certificate installed, but Siri does not appear in the settings

  • Ahmadaliarshad

    Yeah Jeff Flynn, I am having the similar problem!

  • Msp252

    i installed siri through spite because i have 5.1, it installed siri and spire so i can enter a proxy address, so i have siri up and saying “i’m really sorry about this …”, i put http://i4sirifree…… for proxy address, went to website got certificate, still no go so i tried to get i4siri through cydia but it wont let me depends on spire and ive read spire doesn’t support 5.1 but i have it, if i have siri, spire, certificate, and proxy, do i need i4siri download. why cant i download i4siri it says jailbroken 5.1 will work, but when i try it depends on spire which i have already so it shouldnt need to download it.

    p.s. i wanted not to update to 5.1 i had 4.2.1 could not get 5.0.1 to work at all tried for three days i tried 3 differnt last lines in the host file, erasing the content, putting number sign in front of it, all that, tinyumbrulla latest version wont run error 16, error 3194 or couldnt connect to iphone update server

  • Steveregs

    and opening remote zip takes like forever for me. I think I’ll wait for the iPhone 5 and buy a factory unlocked one as my iPhone 4 is still on 4.11.08 and no solution after all this while. I’m tired of all these.

  • guest

     Hey Kakaniaz
    isn’t just boot  for tether jailbreak, mine is untether

  • Corey Marshall

    i downloaded spire, set the proxy up and installed the certificate. Everything was working fine. Held the home button and Siri came up and when I said hi Siri, she replied 
    “I’m really sorry about this, but I can’t take any requests right now. Please try again in a little while.”
    I followed everything precisely, so why is it not working.

  • UnlockBoot

    Try install again, and follow Steps in tutorial !

  • UnlockBoot

    Add free i4Siri Proxy !

  • Corey Marshall

    I re installed spire and followed the steps in the tutorial and she still replies “I’m really sorry about this, but I can’t take any requests right now. Please try again in a little while”
    I have an iPod Touch 4G 
    Other websites say you need to delete the assistant.plist file and some don’t 
    Why isn’t it still not working

  • memeng21

    it depends to ur country and internet connection provider,, i4siri server not working to other country

  • villaramacomaardoten

    am also having the same issue. c’mon guys. I think it would be nice if you can even give us a hi/hello down here. we’re all stuck on the same concern!

  • sunilkmalhotra

    Apple already block hole for use of SIRI in older devices, Installed tested and NOT WORKING!!

  • Sirthierry

    From France ! i4siri server not working here…

  • Julio Giron


  • Lakshmi-II

    exact same problem.  Anyone solve this problem yet?

  • Ian

    Like 90% of us our having the same problem..

  • stephon

    how do i delete spire from ipod settings? ive been trying to get ths to work for 2 days..nothings worked now i got a bunch if uselss stuff on my ipod..pls help!