iPad 3 Concept With Edge-to-Edge Retina Display

The design studio Aatma has just published his iPad 3 concept.

The iPad 3 concept is made of ultra-thin body, equipped with a holographic Edge-to-Edge Retina Display.

This iPad 3 concept projects a 3D-image in the air, the exterior side of the device without any frames and buttons.

After confirmation that the new iPad 3 will be released on March 7, there were excellent iPad 3 concepts that we can’t resist.

As planned by the designers, the two plate firmly “adhere” to each other using the built-in magnets, and the picture at the same scale on the two screens.

Apparently, i think that we need to wait for the iPad 5 in order to use most of the features shown. We hope that you enjoyed wit this amazing iPad 3 concept ? Which would you give to hold this Concept in your hands?