Apple’s iPhone 8 is introduced with a new feature, the ability to wireless charge. This can be achieved through its full-glass body using Qi charging pad. Therefore, if you want to use this feature you just simply cannot use any case. You have to invest in a case which does not restrict the device from charging wirelessly. I have enlisted the best iPhone 8 clear cases for you to choose from.

iphone 8 clear cases

These iPhone 8 clear cases are alike other protective cases. The only difference between them and the iPhone 8 clear cases is that they are transparent and crystal-clear. The thin material used to make these cases, not only protect the device from getting scratches. But also, they protect iPhone 8 from drops, impacts and other minor scuffs.

Here are the 6 Best iPhone 8 Clear Cases

You will notice that after you have purchased a case from the iPhone 8 clear cases below. That they offer full protection, does not turn murky and yellow and has a simple-glossy look to it.

1. ESR Flexible Soft Clear Case – $9.99

clear cases for iphone 8

ESR cases and covers are known for innovation. There new innovative iPhone 8 case is sculpted to give a unique look with added protection. The TPU material used, offers the much-needed flexibility and longevity. It also makes sure that you have a solid grip on the edges making it a less-likelihood to drop the iPhone 8. As for the pumped-up lips and the ultra-slim interior, it ensures that your screen is safe from scratches and impact. Again, this case offers wireless charging, so you do not need to remove the case to wireless charge your iPhone 8.

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2. TORRO – Premium Clear Case – $9.99

best clear cases for iphone 8

When talking about the best iPhone 8 clear cases, how can we forget about the TORRO’s premium clear case? This full-crystal clear case is form-fitted for the iPhone 8, added to that the transparency will give the iPhone 8 body a glossy look. The case is layered with the highest quality of TPU and have air cushion on the edges of the iPhone 8. As a result, you have a full-body protection and shock absorbent. Like all other, this case also supports wireless charging. And also you access all the sensors and ports with this case.

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3. JETech: Shock Absorption Bumper cover – $7.96

best iphone 8 clear cases

The combination of TPU and PC material helps to greatly protect the iPhone 8. It also offers HD clarity, making JETech one of the beautiful iPhone 8 clear cases. However, JETech iPhone 8 clear case also has much to offer. Few of such features are anti-scratch, shock absorbent, detailed cut-outs for both ports and speakers.

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4. Spigen: iPhone 8 Bumper Clear Case – $10.99

best iphone 8 clear case

As mentioned before the iPhone 8 has wireless charging. So, as a result, many of the Apple case manufacturers are introducing covers that supports Qi wireless charging. One such brand is the Spigen which has designed a case that supports Qi charging. Other than this functionality the covers also offer a flexibility and protection. The design has clear indent cuts in order to access ports, and the tactile button ensures a prompt response. Whereas, the inner dot pattern helps the iPhone to stay water-mark free.

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5. Anker – Light Clear case with Bumper Frame – $8.99

iphone 8 clear case

Anker brand is known for their technological prowess in charging adapters. So when I heard they have introduced a case which supports wireless charging for iPhone 8. I immediately know that their case will be one of the best among the iPhone 8 clear cases. The Anker case has a raised bumper and the slimmest interior, which make sure that you have a strong grip to protect it from accidental drops. Due, to its solid bumper border made from PC and TPU, the impact from a drop is lessened immensely. Another plus point for this case is that you also get an 18-month warranty.

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6. i-Blason Scratch Resistance Clear Case – $9.99

clear case for iphone 8

i-Blason clear case is made with 3H rating material which offers durability for a longer period of time and stops the iPhone from getting scratches. When you place your iPhone 8 on a flat surface the upper edges of the case protects the display from scratches. Whereas, the round edges will avoid any impact damage.

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Make sure to let us know in the comments below, which of the above iPhone 8 clear cases you’re going to purchase?