Recovery mode restoration is one of the best ways to infuse life into an iPhone/iPad/iPod. When an iOS device is not responding to software update, restoration through recovery mode is unavoidable. It kind of a last resort and uncomplicated. Today we are going to teach you how to put iPhone X in recovery mode easily.

put iphone x in recovery mode

When the device is not in sync with iTunes or jammed at Apple logo, you have to perform the restoration. DFU is different from recovery mode to some extent. However, recovery mode only sets up the device with the newest available iOS type. And it does not lose all of your data.

In case of recovery mode choice, minor changes are required during the use of iOS 8 or iOS 10. Being by downloading the latest version of iTunes, then follow these steps to put iPhone X in recovery mode.

5 Steps to Put iPhone X in Recovery Mode

Step 1: Connect the iPhone to PC/Mac, select and open iTunes.

Step 2: Switch off the iOS device by simply pressing and holding the ON/OFF button and then power it off.

enter recovery mode iphone x

Step 3: Now press and hold the Sleep or Wake button along with Volume down button.

put iphone x into recovery mode

Step 4: Even when you see Apple logo that will appear eventually, keep holding these buttons. Wait for the recovery mode screen to appear.

enter recovery mode iphone x

Step 5: Now you can restore or update your device using iTunes.

iphone x recovery mode

To install the latest software update, you have to choose the update option. This will update your phone with latest iOS version. Plus, it will retain your data on your device. Let it download completely. After approximately fifteen minutes, if the device exits itself from recovery mode screen, the download is apparently not complete. In that case, repeat these steps and wait for the download to complete. After that, leave the rest of the process to iTunes.

How to Exit iPhone X Recovery Mode?

To exit the recovery mode screen, you have to press ON/OFF button and Volume down button altogether. The recovery mode screen will jump to lock screen.

exit iphone x recovery mode

Now, wait for the Apple logo  to appear on the screen and your device will be turned on. If your iPhone stuck in recovery mode, you can follow our guide to fix it easily.


Recovery mode option helps you in taking care of errors and your device works efficiently. With a little effort, you update your settings and enjoy the perks of the new version. One should remember the difference between simple restoration and update. To avoid losing data, you should back up your entire data. But in case of lost data, a new version of restoration does its best to retain maximum data.

Now there is no need to go to shops, so the risk exposing your data to other people is minimized. Plus, you don’t have to pay extra money for services for an update. Enjoy the full performance of your iOS.