There are quite a few restrictions that Apple users face with their mobile products. One of these restrictions is when music listeners are bound to rely on iTunes with their music syncing needs. If an iPhone user wants a song on their phone, they will have to use iTunes to get it.  As good as iTunes app is to listen and organize your music, sometimes you just don’t want to be bounded like that. So, are there any iTunes alternatives that you can exploit? This is probably going to take you by surprise, but there are other ways through which you can get music on your iPhone without having to use iTunes. This article will cover those apps and services that you can use to put music on iPhone without iTunes.

put music on iphone without itunes

1. Use Cloud Services to Put Music on iPhone Without iTunes

There are some heavy-name cloud services which let you upload your music collection and play it both online and offline on your phone.

Google Play Music: It is one of the best music streaming apps where you can upload 50,000 songs of your own for free. Without being charged anything, you can upload songs on the cloud and listen to them on any device. You can also access Google’s music library for free. You can easily add songs to Google Play’s music library however, the set up may require using a computer for the initial process.

google play music for iphone

You can also purchase songs from Google Play Music and add them to your library which can also be then downloaded as an MP3 on your phone. In addition to streaming your own music, the music app, through an optional subscription service All Access, lets you stream Google’s complete library for free and without ads. The service charges for an individual account are $9.99 and that for a family is $14.99. Moreover, All Access provides the ad-free YouTube Service, YouTube Red, which make the Google Play Music an amazing option.

Amazon Cloud Player: Amazon Cloud Player also works with iPhone to offer cloud music service. It offers a meager number of 250 songs to be uploaded on the cloud. However, you can annually pay $24.99 to stream 250,000 songs on the cloud from your own collection. You can also access Amazon Prime membership to stream over a million songs with Amazon Prime Music.

put music on iphone

Amazon Cloud Player can be downloaded for iPhone from the iOS Apple Store. To upload music on the player, you can use Cloud Player desktop app.

One drawback of this cloud player is that it requires you to visit Amazon website through Safari browser if you want to purchase any song. You cannot use their cloud player to purchase songs. Once you are on the website, you can then surf through about 20 million songs and albums.  After the songs are imported or downloaded, they are immediately added to the Amazon cloud and can be accessed through their player app.

Dropbox: If you use Dropbox to store your music collection, then you probably don’t need any other app or service to play music. You can simply access your Dropbox account and select the song you wish to hear.

put music on iphone without computer

You can leave the browser and continue doing your work on your device or anywhere and the music won’t stop. The Dropbox music app is also available for download which is a smoother experience than the desktop browser. Using Dropbox you can easily put music on iPhone without iTunes and play your songs offline.

2. Use iTunes Alternatives to Transfer Music to your iPhone

Other than these big-name services, there are some more iTunes alternatives that you can rely on for your music needs.

CopyTrans Manager for Windows: It is a great program for Windows users, available for free. The freeware of CopyTrans Manager allows you to drag and drop the files, do on-the-go edits and copy files on a flash drive for music management on multiple computers.

transfer music to iphone without itunes

It also lets you copy your iTunes library to the manager. This is a great feature for those who already have loads of music on their iTunes and are afraid to lose it with the use of another service. You can use this great tool to put music on iPhone without iTunes.

Media Monkey for Windows: This program is another free service for Windows users. Once installed, Media Monkey will scan your entire computer and add your music files to the player. Your iPhone can also be synced with it without syncing iTunes. It comes with many edits and customizable options.

The service can be used either for free or bought for $24.95. The purchased edition is called Gold edition offering extras like faster CD burning and automatic library organizer.

3. Cydia Tweaks for Jailbroken iPhones

Users having jailbroken iPhones can use this list of great Cydia Tweaks which directly import music to your iPhone. There hasn’t been any working jailbreak procedure for iOS 10, which is the only downside of these tweaks. For users with iOS 9.3.3, following is the guide to get started:

Bridge: This Cydia application lets you import your music and videos directly to the library from your phone. You don’t need to connect to your computer or sync with your iTunes. Whether it’s an MP3 file on your phone or sent by your friend on an email or you downloaded it from Dropbox, you can add it to your iPhone’s music library using Bridge just in seconds.

iFile: It is a complete file manager for your phone which uses root access and lets you drag and drop files onto your phone. You can add any type of file through iFile – music, videos, files, PDFs, iWork, etc.

put music on iphone with ifile

You can also send files to iFile via Bluetooth or copy them from your Dropbox account. iFile allows you to easily put music on iPhone without iTunes, share or manage you songs.

Mewseek: Mewseek is another Cydia app that you can use to search and stream music. The prominent feature of this app is that it lets you add downloaded songs to the internal music library. This is not the case with other apps as they utilize separate libraries for the downloaded songs, and push you to go back and forth between songs and playlists.

4. Use Streaming Radio

A streaming music player is one of the convenient methods to add music to your phone. Some popular streaming music apps are PandoraTuneinRadioRdio, and Spotify. You can simply sign up for any of these and instantly start listening to new music. Their free versions contain ads; however, their paid versions are ad-free and can be subscribed to monthly.

put music on iphone with spotify

YouTube is another pretty good source to find new, old, and rare audio and video songs. You can also save a YouTube video if the video owner has enabled the ‘save’ option.

Above mentioned are a few best options that you can switch to for avoiding iTunes annoyances. You can use them to download and put music to your iPhone without iTunes.