iPhone XS is one of the most expensive phones. It has its worth, and everyone has the charm to buy it. If you own this phone, then you should be careful about its protection. The screen is the sensitive part of any phone, and you need to protect your iPhone XS screen using a high-quality screen protector. It will help you to use your iPhone without any risk of dust effects or screen break. In this article, we are providing you the details of the ten best screen protectors for iPhone XS and iPhone X to protect your favorite gadget.

screen protectors for iphone xs

Best Screen Protectors for iPhone Xs & X

If you want to protect your new iPhone Xs screen, then you should consider about buying screen protectors for it. Continue reading if you want to see which are the best screen protectors for iPhone Xs.

1. ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass+ VisionGuard

It is a branded perfect quality shield protector which provides complete protection and a new shine to your iPhone XS screen. This protector ensures that your eyes are protected from the blue light without compromising on the quality of original colors of your iPhone Xs screen.

best screen protectors for iphone xs

It is of great quality and its pure clarity, you will even not notice that you are using any protector on your iPhone’s screen. It is made with the chemical combination of Glass+ VisionGuard which is strong and protects the iPhone’s screen in all situations. You can easily protect your mobile screen from scratches, spots, drops and dust particles while using this protector. Its market price is $44.99.

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2. KuGi – Clear Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone XS

This protector can safeguard your iPhone’s screen for a long time. This protector comes with a bubble-free adhesive which means you can easily install it without the risk of bubbles. You will be happy to see its sharp cutouts which do not disturb front camera and sensor.

top screen protectors for iphone xs

It provides HD transparency to give you an optimum viewing experience. It has an oleophobic coating which provides additional benefits including smooth touch features. Its price is $8.95.

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3. Live2Pedal Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This is a unique glass screen protector for your 5.8-inch iPhone Xs & X. This protector consists of three 0.24mm ultra-thin tempered glass protectors which protect the screen. It includes a shatter-proof membrane which provides additional support.

iphone xs screen protector

This protector is scratch resistant and highly durable. It is Face ID compatible and Anti-fingerprint. Its design and friendly material will surely provide you with a great experience. You can buy this protector at $7.99.

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4. QRemix Privacy Screen Protector Compatible with iPhone Xs

This excellent protector comes with 0.33m thickness and an attractive design. It provides the required protection from shatter, and there will be no scratches on your iPhone Xs screen.

iphone xs glass screen protector

This cover comes with a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating which provides extra protection for your mobile’s screen. You can buy this protector at the cost of $12.99.

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5. Belkin ScreenForce InvisiGlass Ultra Screen Protection for iPhone Xs/X

It is another great screen protector which should be in the top 10 list. Its advantage is that it provides maximum visibility and protect your iPhone Xs screen in all situations.

iphone xs privacy screen protector

It offers 3H hardness which is able to bear any kind of pressure and don’t hurt the screen of iPhone. You will also get an EasyAlign sticker with this protector for precision installation. It is also available in the market, and its price is $39.99.

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6. iEugen Screen Protector Compatible With iPhone Xs

It is well-manufactured screen protector for your iPhone Xs. It understands its responsibility and offering a lifetime warranty to its users. This cover is from iEugen and can protect your iPhone screen from any damage.

iphone xs tempered glass protector

It is anti-fingerprint and Face ID compatible which is its advantage. Its size is a little bit smaller than the original screen size of iPhone Xs. That’s why it will help you to prevent bubbles and place it at right screen area easily. You can buy this protector at the cost of $10.99.

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7. ESR iPhone XS Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This special protector is 0.25mm thick and provides necessary protection to save your iPhone screen against any damage. It is made with 99.9 percent transparency. It means you will surely enjoy optimal screen viewing experience.

iphone xs tempered glass screen protector

Its material is shatter-proof and features 9H-harness. You don’t need to worry about the touchscreen as it provides full compatibility with touchscreen sensitivity. Its advantage is that you can conveniently apply it on your phone’s screen and you will get a protective crystal clear screen without air bubbles. Its price is $13.99.

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8. Maxboost Tempered Glass for iPhone Xs

It is another great screen protector which features its unique ultra slim 9H tempered glass design. It offers 99.9 percent HD clarity to enhance your screen viewing capacity and provide you best user experience. It is 0.33mm thin and has an oleophobic coating. This protector becomes waterproof because of this coating.

tempered glass screen protector for iphone xs

This protector is entirely Scratch-resistant and provides edge-to-edge prevention for long-term better placement on the screen. It can protect your iPhone Xs screen from water, fingerprint smudges, dust particles, and oil. You can buy this protector for $10.99, and its installation is easy and bubble free.

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9. OMOTON HD Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone X/XS

It is another trusted screen protector from a trusted manufacturer company. Its top quality glass enough hardness which can protect your iPhone’s screen and save it from any damage. It comes with its precise cutouts which make its installation easy and bubble free.

best tempered glass screen protector for iphone

Due to its high-quality manufacturing material, it can prevent fingerprints and grime. It is highly sensitive to tough which allows you quick operations. Additionally, your screen and protector will always shine, and you will have a clear view of the original iPhone Xs screen. You can buy this protector at the cost of $9.98.

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10. Ainope Tempered Glass Film with Alignment Frame for Apple iPhone XS

It is a fine quality protector which can safeguard your iPhone. It increases the shine of your phone’s screen and provides it real protection. It can provide your iPhone with edge-to-edge protection. Its glass is durable with 9H hardness.

best privacy screen protector iphone xs

Because of its excellent quality glass, there is no possibility of scratches on the screen. Its oleophobic coating prevents grime and keeps the screen smooth and clear. You can use this screen protector for a long time with its high touch responsiveness.

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So, which screen protectors for iPhone Xs you typically buy. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below.