There’s a well-known joke about iPhone users, that if they suffer a fall or accident they don’t check for broken bones, bruises or the like but only want to ensure their phone is okay. I guess it isn’t hard to understand where they come from; if you have spent that much money on an iPhone there can be nothing more depressing than seeing its screen cracked from a fall. Today we are going to teach you how to repair broken iPhone screen and how to prevent it from being cracked in future.

repair broken iphone screen

4 Steps to Repair Broken iPhone Screen

Instead of sitting and moping it’s important to understand that there is no use crying over spilled milk. So, what we will look at today is how to deal with the problem of having a cracked iPhone screen.

Step 1: Check the Screen Damage

Okay so the deed is done, now be brave and give your iPhone a closer inspection. The damage to the screen can vary from a hairline fracture in some corner to full on shattering of the glass.

iphone screen replacement

In the case of just a minor crack on the device, there is nothing to worry about too much. This is because it won’t have any impact on the iPhone’s performance and with time it will even become easy to ignore and not that prominent.

A large scale shattering with glass protrusions is another matter altogether, however, and it is best to do something about the screen in such a case. This brings us to…

Step 2: Be Cautious when Handling Broken Glass

First of all be extremely wary about small pointy pieces of glass poking out of the screen. If it has been shattered that severely the small shards of glass will be sharp and small enough to get embedded in the skin and be irritating and potentially hazardous so watch out!

replace broken screen on iphone

For those who use a plastic screen protector the good news is that it will help in keeping some of these shards in place and not let them be as dangerous. However, keep in mind they will still poke through the edges.

In addition, DO NOT try to remove the plastic protector since attempting to do that will just cause the glass bits to fall everywhere and that just aggravates the issue.

Step 3: Pursue iPhone Screen Repair Options

It may be tempting to take your device to another hawker or ‘mobile technician’ but honestly the best place to get your iPhone repaired is by contacting Apple. Yes, the prices may not be very cheap but at the least, you will be assured that whatever repair work is being done is thorough and quality.

The iPhone 5 and its related models can have screen repair done for about $129. The latest Apple devices like the iPhone 7 Plus, on the other hand, will have the screen repaired for $149, so there isn’t that big a difference.

iphone screen repair cost

Again, this may seem like an exorbitant price to pay but remember it’s better to pay more once instead of paying less multiple times. If you want to repair broken iPhone screen, we recommend you to use the official solution and get your iPhone repaired by Apple.

Step 4: Contact Apple Support and Repair Broken iPhone Screen

Apple has an express service that offers convenience and ease to the user. What happens is that they take your broken iPhone for repairs but while they do that they leave you with a brand new iPhone with a perfect screen to use in the meantime.

cracked iphone screen

The only catch is that your credit card is kept on hold for the duration while the older phone is being processed. The best part is that it is totally possible to transfer data between the switching of phones so it’s almost like you never even feel the change.

Once your old device is repaired you are charged for it and it is returned to you safe and sound. It’s also possible to go to an Apple store yourself and get it repaired within a day, but of course, that isn’t always a guarantee and depends on the store itself.

DIY iPhone Screen Repair?

It most definitely is possible to go about the business of repairing your iPhone screen yourself. There are numerous repair kits available online that can do the job for you online.

apple screen repair

However, the catch is that most of these often aren’t exactly cheap and many have mixed reviews so it’s hard to know if what you are going to get will be quality or not. In addition to this, you will require skill and patience and certain tools to be able to replace iPhone screen properly.

At the end of the day, it is quite possible that it actually cost you as much or more to replace it yourself. In that case, it may be better to just let the professionals handle it. However, the final choice is up to you.

How to Prevent iPhone Screen from Cracking?

fix broken iphone screen

While the materials used in the iPhone are usually pretty solid and tough, they aren’t indestructible. So it is better to take preventive measures for when an accident can take place. So:

  1. Use an iPhone protective case.
  2. Use an iPhone screen protector.
  3. Avoid using the iPhone as a toy by juggling it or playing catch
  4. Get AppleCare+, which is an accidental coverage service and makes repairs much cheaper.
  5. Be mentally prepared and don’t stress yourself out. If something is meant to break it will break and beating yourself up over it won’t change that.
  6. If Touch ID and Home Button get damaged and are dis functional, enable the virtual Home Button while you get it repaired.

With these steps, you’d be able to repair broken iPhone screen.

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