It really is funny to know a lot of reports with regards to how much slower compared to Safari — Google Chrome will inescapably be, because of its insufficient usage of the Nitro Javascript power plant. That can be a true coming from a technical perspective, but in real usage the newest Google Chrome browser for iOS is more than 2x times faster than Safari. Watch the video inside.

Safari vs Google Chrome Speed

In the test that we made there is nothing different between iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. Google Chrome was tested on iPhone 4S running iOS 5.1.1 firmware and Safari was tested on iPhone 4 iOS 6 beta version. In real terms Google Chrome is very different from Safari, not only for its speed but in addition for many other reasons.

This year, Google Chrome has surpassed all other web-browsers, becoming the first and most used browser in the world. Does Google finally introduced his speed-magic in this iOS application?

Google Chrome on iPhone 4S VS Safari on iPhone 4

Here’s a video comparison between Chrome on iPhone 4 and Safari on iPhone 4:

Safari VS Google Chrome Speed test

Here’s another video comparison between Google Chrome and Safari – watch it out:

Update #1: After few years, if you are still reading this article, we are recommending you to use Safari on your iDevice. It’s fast, stable and very well integrated in the iOS platform.
However, install Google Chrome as a back up browser solution.

Have you tried Google Chrome on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? What is your speed-test result?