We’ve already said goodbye to 2014. It was a great year for the release of jailbreak tweaks. Today, we’ve taken out time to compile the list of best jailbreak apps or tweaks released last year.

best jailbreak tweaks 2014

And we’re sure you’re going to try a name or two (or more) on the list. Before the list, we’d like to tell you they’ve been tested on iOS 8.1.2 and up to the iPhone 6 & 6 Plus.

Best Jailbreak Tweaks Of 2014

So this list is an eye candy for those who own Apple’s latest handset:

#1: LockGlyph

This jailbreak tweak was developed by evilgoldfish. It spices up the experience of unlocking your handset by adding the Apple Pay configuration animation and sound on the lock screen. While it does add flair to the lockscreen, evilgoldfish has taken it up a notch to add new features by taking user requests, and keeping it compatible with new firmware.

You can download it via BigBoss repo for free.

#2: WeatherBoard

Allan Kerr’s WeatherBoard is perfect to show your friends. It brings animation wallpapers to your device’s Home Screen. These wallpapers show the current conditions in your locality and change based on the weather outside. There are over 80 animated weather wallpapers to drape your iPhone screen.

You can download it via BigBoss repo for $2.99.

#3: Aria

One of the biggest lacking of the default Music app in iPhone is that there is no way to queue up music when a song is already paying. Aria takes this issue out of the equation by integrating ‘Play Last’ and ‘Play Next’ capability to the Music app. Also, it provides users with an interesting grid view to spruce up the Music app.

You can download it via BigBoss repo for $1.99.

#4: HeySiri

The power to use ‘HeySiri’ without being tethered to a power connection can be the difference maker when the user can’t face the iPhone Home Screen directly. Untethered HeySiri is the first jailbreak tweak that enables such functionality. The tweak integrates perfectly with the stock Siri preferences present in the Settings app.

You can download it via BigBoss repo for free.

#5: Aeternum

While plenty of Apple Watch UI concepts have been released, Aeternm stands out from the crowd. It has been updated several times, and is therefore fully-themed and battery friendly. This should be your go-to tweak if you’re curious about the Apple Watch UI.

You can download it via BiggBoss repo for $2.99.

#6: LittleBrother

This tweak comes from the popular jailbreak developer Ryan Petrich. It brings scaling options to jailbroken iPhones, which means you can bring iPhone 6 scaling to a device such as iPhone 5s. This increases real estate, two-up landscape mode in compatible apps, Lock screen landscape support, and even Lock Screen landscape support.

You can download it via BigBoss repo for $1.99.

#7: Controllers for All

This is a great tweak for iPhone gamers. It is a jailbreak app that makes it possible to use your PS3, PS4, or Wii U Pro Controller with any game that supports Apple’s MFi controller initiative. There is no excuse to download and install Controllers for All if you’ve a little interested in gaming.

You can download it via ModMyi repo for $1.99.

#8: Slices

Do you have two Instagram account. If you can’t access both normally on the same iPhone without logging out of in, and logging in with another, Slices solve the issue. It enables you to login to multiple accounts with the same app, even when the app doesn’t support multiple users.

You can download it via BigBoss repo for $1.99.

#9: BioLockDown

This is another tweak from Ryan Petrich. It lets you passcode product settings, apps, and Control Center switches. It works with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, providing you great security for settings and apps. You can configure it to your liking.

You can download it via BigBoss repo for $1.99.

#10: Tage

Quite similar to Zephyr, this tweak enables you to close apps and bring up the App Switcher with gestures. It brings iPad-inspired multitasking gestures, which enables users to switch apps from the screen’s edge, and it also has quick switcher for quick switching with a single gesture.

You can download it via BigBoss repo for $1.99.

Did we miss some of your favorite tweak? What is your favorite one? Share it with us in the comments below!