Ever been stranded in a scenario where you had to convert a unit but didn’t have a calculator around? If you answered yes, we have a solution to avoid this situation in the future. There are several unit converter apps for iPhone that are useful, and can be used by students and teachers alike.

Unit Converter Apps for iPhone

8 Best Unit Converter Apps for iPhone

Here’s the list of the 8 best unit converter apps for iPhone X, 8, 7, 6S, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S & 4  to download in 2019:

1. Convert Units for free

unit converter app for iphone

This app enables users to create custom conversions. It has been downloaded over 12 million times and can be used to convert data, currency, angles, and more. It is 19.7 MB in size and is developed by John Temple Group. It works on iOS 9 and above, and is free to download from App Store.

2.Units – Free Unit Converter App for iPhone

Free Unit Converter App

This app provides 800 units to select from, and has a unique sale of measurement. There’s also a built in currency converter and the currency rates update automatically, so users get exchange rates in real time. It’s possible to speed up the app by hiding units that are not needed. The app is also compatible with Apple Watch. It is free to download from App Store.

3. Converter Plus

Unit Converter for iPhone

The calculation of mortgage rates to the consumption of file has not been easy, but courtesy of this app, users can add their own calculator. It supports feet and inches, ounces, and pounds, which are compound units. The app is free to download, is 7 MB in size, and requires users to have iOS 9 and above. You can download it now from App Store.

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4. Mila’s Tools Free

best unit converter app 2019

This app includes bits and bytes, capacitance, fuel, area, fraction, etc. It’s exclusive for iDevice users. Apple Staff Pick also includes this app. It has only 5.2 MB size and supports German language. You can download it free of cost from the App Store.

5. XE currency – The best Unit Converter App for iPhone

currency converter iPhone

This is one of the best unit converter app for iPhone. This is the top app to deal with currency. Rates are updated every minute for currency and precious metals. This app supports different languages including French, Chinese, German, English, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian and Spanish. The size of the app is 13.3 MB and requires iOS 9 and above. It is free to download from this link.

6. GlobeConvert

Unit Convert App iPhone

This app is useful for converting specific units. The user can make a list of units which they access more and find solutions easily. Over 80 units are sorted into respective categories. This app is developed by Ivan Karpan and requires iOS 9 or above to download. It is 7.6 MB in size and is free to download.

7. Convert App

Convert App for iPhone

The app provides options to convert units into power, volume, data, speed and more. It was designed keeping the real world in mind and features a tip calculator that works for groups and individuals. It has a simple output interface. The app is free to download from App Store.

8. Classic Converter Free

Free Converter App iPhone

This app provides classic unit conversion tools. From angle, area, and currency to pass, length and speed, users can convert any unit by leveraging this app. This app has a simple interface and works on all iDevices. It is free to download it from the web.

Best unit conversion apps for iPhone are just a download away.

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