The LG K51 LMK500 is one of the smartphones that come with 3 GB RAM, internal storage of 32GB, and a large screen. The battery size is 4000 mAh and other specs that you can expect from a smartphone in this category. You have the option to purchase this device from a store or under a contract from a carrier like Boost, Sprint, T-Mobile, Metro PCA, Verizon, Cricket, AT&T, and more. So if you have bought this phone from a carrier it would have a cheaper price tag but at the cost of being locked to just one carrier.

unlock lg k51

There are restrictions when purchasing a phone from a network carrier, that is why you need to unlock it. Now, if you have purchased LG K51 from Boot, Sprint, Metro PCS, T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, Cricket, etc (K500MM, K500AM, K500QM, K500QM6, K500QM5, K500QN). we can assist you in unlocking your device. Let’s check out a few of the restrictions a locked phone has and what are the advantages of an unlocked device.

Unlock Your K51 NOW

You can unlock your phone using multiple options. One of the options is to unlock LG K51 by using a USB and PC. This is a straightforward process and takes less time to unlock your device. We guarantee that our unlocking services will unlock your phone forever without any data loss. And we have a great policy, if we are unable to unlock your device we offer a 100% refund.

Steps to Unlock LG K51 Metro PCS, T-Mobile, Boost, Sprint, AT&T, Cricket, Verizon & More:

1 Go to our LG K51 unlock webpage:

2 Enter your device’s IMEI number. If you don’t know what is an IMEI or how to find it, please refer below:

  • IMEI is a 15 digit serial for a phone/device
  • Dial *#06# to find out your phone’s IMEI

unlock boost lg k51

3 Provide a contact detail with us preferably an active email address. We would use your contact information to send you the unlock code privately.

4 Now proceed to complete the order and purchase our service. Make sure you enter a valid email address (the instructions will be send to that email).

5 After the completion of the processes mentioned above, we are going to receive your confirmation. Once we verify your details one of our technicians will reach out to you with set instructions.

6 Connect your device to a PC and download usb redirector customer module.

lg k51 unlock service

7 Turn on the USB Debugging mode and follow the instructions shared by our technical agent.

Advantage of an Unlocked LG K51 Phone

  • An unlocked LG K51 gives you the flexibility of using the device in any region from local to abroad.
  • You need to have an unlocked phone if you are traveling abroad and want to use a local sim.
  • Save on international roaming data charges by using a local network.
  • Sell your device at a 20-40% premium rate when compared to a locked phone.
  • Invest one time and unlock your device, so that you do not need to pay any more of your installments and get free from the contract.

Unlock Your Phone NOW

We are going to start the process to unlock your device and it will permanently unlock LG K51 K500. If you have any other concerns or queries feel free to ask us in the comments below.