Find iPhone IMEI Number of Your Locked iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C / 5S

Find iPhone IMEI

Many of you might already know about the IMEI number of your iPhone and how to find it. There are numerous posts regarding IMEI as well as how to check whether or not the IMEI is valid.

A lot of people are talking about the iPhone these days, and here you will get to know about a few ways you can find the IMEI number, the serial number and the ICCID of your iPhone.

Finding IMEI of iPhone in iTunes with iPhone connected to it

The steps which you have to follow are:

  • You need to connect your iPhone to your PC and then select your device when it starts appearing in iTunes (7.6 or higher).
  • Select the 'Summary' tab and you will get to know about the serial number of your device.
  • You will get to see the IMEI number by clicking on the 'Phone Number' in the same 'Summary' tab.
  • To know the ICCID, you can click on 'IMEI'.
Find iPhone 4S IMEI code via iTunes
Check iPhone IMEI code via iTunes

Now, let's head on to the next method:

Finding IMEI of iPhone in iTunes with iPhone not connected to it

The steps which you have to follow are:

  • You need to open up iTunes 8.1 or higher and then mouse over a device backup.
  • You will have to open 'preferences' of iTunes. If you are a Windows user then you can perform this action by choosing 'Edit' and then 'Preferences'. If you are a Mac user, you can do this by going to 'iTunes' and then 'Preferences'.  
  • Now, select the 'Devices' tab. Hovering the mouse on the iPhone backup will show you the IMEI and serial number.
find iPhone imei code via backup
Find iPhone IMEI number

The third method is stated below:

Finding the IMEI on the iPhone About Screen

The steps you have to follow are:

  • Open the 'About' screen of your device by going to Settings, then General and then About from the homescreen.
  • Scroll down a little and you will get to see the IMEI and serial number.
How to Find IMEI code of iPhone
Find iPhone IMEI code from Settings -> General -> About

The fourth method is:

Finding iPhone IMEI on the SIM tray

Simply see the IMEI and the serial number displayed on the iPhone SIM tray.

iPhone Sim Tray IMEI Find
iPhone IMEI on SIM tray

The fifth method is:

Finding the IMEI directly in your iPhone by dialing *#06#

You can find your IMEI code simply dialing *#06# on your iPhone, this will show the IMEI code of your device.

Dial to find iPhone imei
Find iPhone IMEI by Dialing *#06#

Update #1: To find your original carrier & unlock status by IMEI you can try our FREE iPhone IMEI Check.

So, there you have it. Five methods you can follow in order to know about the IMEI and serial number of your iPhone. Unlockboot strives hard to bring you the most reliable methods online, and will continue to do so. Feel free to comment!

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i have iphone 4 base band 04.12.02 ver. 4.3.3 i got this from ebay seller from US and now im in taiwan. is it possible to unlock?


What is the original network / carrier ?


how? i have iphone 4 in which is locked in rogers canada? base band 04.12.05 ver 6.1.2


how? can you unlock my iphone 4? baseband 4.12.05 ver 6.1.2


i have iphone 4............ ios 4.3.5 and base band 4.10 ........... i jst jailbreak my iphone with redsnow....................when i trying to add source of ultrasnow i.e " repo666.ultrasnow.com. it shows error code 2................. plz help me...........can i unlock my iphone with 1.2.8 ultrasnow


i want to factory unlock my iphone 4 , which came from norway, plz guide me


None of those methods work on my Sprint IOS 6.1.3 4S


We can unlock Norway iPhones. Explore your unlocking options here: http://www.unlockboot.com/2012/11/official-iphone-5-4s-4-3gs-factory.html


i have ip4 and it is locked in spain, globe and smart are not working on my ip4. how can i unlocked the phone so that i can use the call and text. appreciate your response :)


How to unlock a iPhone 4S. It is locked by an American provider AT & T


contact me on office@mobile-tech.ie we will help you!


I have a softbank japan lock Iphone, version: 6.1(10B144) model: MC603J/A IMEI: 01 285100 915100 4 modem firmware: 04.12.05 .. it is possible to unlock this?


Just go to this link to check your device first: http://www.unlockboot.com/2011/06/free-att-iphone-unlock-carrier-info.html

Neil Patrick

can u pls help me how to unlocked my iphone?? its said its already unocked.. but there is no signal when i use a regular sim here in the philippines.. i used it with x-sim only.. i just want to update my IOS, but im afraid bcoz maybe it will locked again if i update in itunes.. ls help.. tnx and more power to unlockboot..


I have an iphone 4s from switzerland ..carrier sunrise can you guide me unlock it?


How to unlock iPhone 4. It is locked by Japan Softbank. Thank you. :)


Yes, we can unlock Sunrise. Follow our guide here: http://www.unlockboot.com/2013/07/unlock-sunrise-switzerland-iphone-4-4s.html


how can i remove i phone finder as i have brought a phone off ebay and it is locked