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It's usual for iOS users to resort to iTunes when it comes to management of media and apps. However, there's a limitation; only those apps are available that are linked to the iTunes account.

If the user tries to use another computer to make a transfer, all the current data on the iDevice is going to be erased, and we’re sure this may have happened to all new iOS users.

Download iTools software for Windows & Mac

We have a found a great solution in the form of iTools. This works on both Mac and Windows PC, and can be used on any computer and supports iPod / iPad / iPhone. To download the latest version of iTools please navigate to our downloads section page.

Things required too Transfer Apps, Music & Pics to your iPhone, iPad or iPod:

  • USB charger of iOS device.
  • An iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.
  • App files needed to be installed.
  • iTools for Windows / Mac downloaded.

App Files Search on Windows

Step 1: Launch iTunes.

Step 2: Click on Apps that are under Library on the left pane.

Step 3: Now go for a right-click on any app and select Show on Windows Explorer.

Step 4: The other way to search is resorting to C:\Users\User\Music\iTunes\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications.

App Files search on Mac

Step 1: Start iTunes.

Step 2: Click on Apps visible under library placed on the left pane.

Step 3: First right-click on any of the app, then select Show in Finder.

Step 4: The other way to search for them is by heading over to: User/Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications.

How to use iTools to transfer apps without iTunes

Step 1: Start iTools and connect the iDevice until iTools detects it.

install iPA apps iTools

Step 2: Click on Apps from the left menu on the next pain.

iTools download iPa apps

Step 3: To make a transfer, see the top of iTools window. An Install button will be present there; click on it. Next, select the app that's needed to be transferred and in the end, select the Import button by clicking on it (it’s present at the right low of the dialog box’. The other way is to drag the file of the app to iTools window (main one).

Install IPA file iTools

Step 4: A message is going to be presented to you saying ‘Uploading file’, and after a while, the app will be installed without any hassle, and will be there on your iDevice and also the main window of iTools.

iTools iPA install process

You're done! Go to your device's home screen and the app should be there.

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The iTools software is pretty handy, and it avoids the lengthy iTunes process and best of all, it can be used on any computer. There isn't even a need to sing in to the Apple iTunes account of the original owner to complete a transfer.

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Can install the ipa which are downloaded while my mobile was jailbreak?


Yes, you can istall IPA files using iTools.

hari prasad

can i do if my ipod touch 5 is not jailbroken and is running ios 6.1.3???????

iTools Link

I found direct speed links to Download iTools for windows free.


yep it even works with ios 7 beta 2


I tried to install app via itools to my jailbroken iphone 5 ios 6.0.1, but it says installation failed....!!!

Chris Seng

iOS7 supported or not ? Itools recognizes my iPhone.
Music sync does not work and so does with photo sync.
It does not show camera roll's photos too. Help please. Thank you.


You should update to the latest iTools version (iTools 2013 Beta 0524). Visit our downloads page to download it http://www.unlockboot.com/p/jailbreak-unlock-ios-downloads.html


Hi there! Thanks for your answer. But that link doesn't work now!

Dave West

How can I transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone?

Ahmed hadi

Hi I have iPad 2 wifi I just install iOS 7 jailbreak beta and I can't install apps to the iPad with iTools


hiiii while uploading videos to my iphone using itools it shows "someplugin are required" even after downloading the plugin i am nt able to add videos wht should i do?


hey i a have the iphone 5s and i updated itools and it is still compatible. dont work i cant even trafser music to my phone

Šaad Khan

can not import any thing(music,photo) to my iphone unable to ascertain the compaitibility of itunes cheek the internet........................plzzz helpppp

Šaad Khan

tried every possible thing


saad khan watch this video ..i had the same problem but this video is the solution ,it helped me a lot http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEgm8m__Ipg


hey i a have the iphone 5s and i updated itools and it is still uncompatible. dont work i cant even trafser music to my phone

Dave West

Do you know how to delete music on iPhone?


how install that