Even though there are a lot of new handphone brands coming up with competitive price, however with its high quality standard in material iPhone still lead the market up to now. The resistance of this phone is noting compared with other phone that has the same feature and it has been proven by some users. You could check all the review they made in youtube and other social media that says about this product. You can bring this handphone along when you are swimming, snorkeling, diving or other activities in the water. This iPhone 6 waterproof cases are really protecting the phone safely.

waterproof cases for iphone 6

It is not only the quality, iPhone also maintain its model and design updated with variant cases. They have a lot of case designs that you can select according to the preference color you like. The difference with other phone cases, iPhone 6 waterproof cases is strong, not easy to brake or get scratch.

The cases is really durable and classic so that it will not make them easily out of style and suitable for man and woman at any ages. It is also light to keep it in your pocket and once they have scratch protector that make it free of scratch, this will make the touch screen also well protected.

A lot of phone has problem with it and often get hang due to the unreliable protector they have however iPhone is always the one that put the protection concern above of all. The are not only protecting the phone against water but also fire and the anti reflective optical glass lens would make your eyes away from harm as well as the sound system enhancement would keep the volume in control and safe for your ear. The other selling point of this iPhone 6 is though the cases is strong but it does not make user difficult in pressing the button. It is really easy but sophisticated.

Top 5 Waterproof Cases For iPhone 6 and 6S

The iPhone is an expensive and luxurious device, so people want to keep it safe. There are different types of mobile accessories available now, but mobile cases get more fame among iPhone users due to its remarkable protective features. If you want to carry your iPhone while boating, drifting, swimming or skiing, you can prefer the waterproof cases. The waterproof cases are obtainable in various designs, price range, and styles so that you can choose the right one based on your individual budget. The following article comes with a list of 5 best and budget-friendly waterproof cases for iPhone 6 and 6S. The quality waterproof case selection helps you to choose the right one that will truly keep the iPhone 6 safely protected.

Armour Shell

waterproof case for iphone 6

It is one of the best tested waterproof cases that pass two severe conditions. Armour Shell has fine quality material. Hence, users can get a long-term guarantee with complete customer satisfaction. This iPhone 6 case not only includes thin structure, but it also offers better protection against drops, dirt, snow, and water. You can buy this case directly from Amazon.com.


waterproof case for iphone 6s

The Eco-Fused case is ideal for people who want to enjoy their free time underwater with their iPhone 6. It is completely waterproof, so it brings you a liberty of keeping your iPhone 6 or 6S with you when swimming. This case is entirely transparent so that you can use every feature, including touch screen and camera. You can buy this case from Amazon today.

H2NO DryBags WaterProof Case for iPhone 6S & 6

Best waterproof case for iphone

The H2NO DryBags is an excellent waterproof case that gets more popularity among iPhone 6 users due to their extraordinary features. It includes sturdy PVC material. It is vital to note that this waterproof case is IPX8 licensed to hundred feet. These are the most significant features of this case that make your device fully protected underwater. Along with its power to resist water, it has sufficient space for storing your currency notes and debit/credit cards. It also features thermometer, armband, and lanyard. You can buy it from Amazon.Com now.

Mpow Waterproof Case for iPhone 6S & 6

universal waterproof case

This iPhone 6 case is a quality waterproof case which consists of high-quality TPU and PC material that protect iPhone 6 against scratches, dirt, dust, accidental drops and much more. Most of the waterproof cases have a flat design, so they fail to provide a cool factor. The Mpow waterproof design comes with a unique design and gives an aspect of cool to overcome the drawback of other waterproof cases. Apart from that, it also includes snug-fit quality that keeps Mpow simple to put off and on. This specially designed waterproof case features lightweight and sleek design, high-quality PU & TPU material, etc. Moreover, it also has a flexible and impact resistant plastic shell. Buy Mpow waterproof case today from Amazon.

Tethys – Universal Waterproof Bag

universal waterproof bag for iphone

It is the best waterproof case that provides better safety to iPhone 6 against water, dirt, grease, mud, and water. Tethys has undergone an accurate quality test. It also helps you to protect your credit cards, cash and identity card. Tethys has many features, including:

  • State-of-the-art swivel and lock design.
  • Provides user-friendly experience when sealing or opening the pouch.
  • It facilitates complete access to your touch screen.
  • It has apparent film material.

Buy Tethys today from Amazon.Com.

You could spend your time for searching and selecting the best phone in the market or internet for sure, but please don’t waste your time and money to take it for granted. The comparison is just good for your knowledge but not advisable for pushing the luck buying cheaper stuff and get disappointed. Most of people who were fond with branded stuff but also concern with quality and style would certainly choose this phone rather than others.

And do you think price is a fair comparison when it is against the quality and safety? Of course not. Iphone has considered its price very competitively and you could save a lot since they are durable and has classic design that would always look up to date even though a lot of new design coming. So, this is really the great phone that everybody should have it, where satisfaction is really a guarantee not just promise and the quality can be proven not just advertisement or promotion.

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